Room Tour: Purple, Teal and Grey Toddler Room

May 29, 2015 | Decorating

When Adleigh was first born, I shared a room tour of her nursery.  Well, a lot has changed in that space since she was born.  Now that she is a toddler, we have gotten rid of some of the “baby stuff” that was once in her room.  She no longer needs a changing table so we have removed that from her room.  But we needed more room for her toys and books, as they were beginning to take over the floor!

When I was setting up her nursery, I picked colors that I thought she could grow into and wouldn’t have to change.  We went with Wild Orchid by Benjamin Moore.  Well, I am so glad I did this, because the purple, gray and teal make for a wonderful toddler room!  I didn’t have to repaint her room or change colors to make it more like a toddler room.  I just needed to add or swap out some pictures to make her space feel more “grown-up”.

I didn’t have to change the bedding either, as it went with the colors of the room!  We stuck with the Dream Girl bedding from Land of Nod, because the colors worked so well in the space and the quality of the products is super durable.

We decided to move her crib to the corner where her dresser was, and move her dresser to where her crib was.  By doing this, we opened up a lot more space in the room.  It’s also not as awkward when you walk into her bedroom.  Then we purchased a nightstand for her room as she never had one before.  We needed one that would be large enough to hold all of her books, and a nightstand on sale from Land of Nod was the perfect fit for the space.

Once the furniture was moved, I started by removing all of her baby stuff and storing it in her bin that I have in the basement.  You can read all about how I did that when I wrote about cleaning out our junk closet.

Room Tour: Purple, Teal and Grey Toddler Room - Gallery Wall

Then I found some great printables to use in some of her picture frames.  I also purchased a few more frames to create a gallery wall above her dresser.  I found this amazing ABC print from Mr. Printables.  I used a few printables from Smitten on PaperLaura Winslow Photography created this gorgeous LOVE print that fits right into the space!  And then I was able to create a custom circle ombre print for Adleigh for free from The Little Umbrella.  I also had a print from Lindsay Letters that I just took from the kids bathroom and used it in her room.

Room Tour: Purple, Teal and Grey Toddler Room - Bow Holder

Then I hung the bow holder in the mix with the gallery wall, and I am really happy with how it turned out!  I made the bow holder and shared my tutorial on how to create a picture frame bow holder using ribbon.

Room Tour: Purple, Teal and Grey Toddler Room - Shelf Image

Once the gallery wall was complete, I turned my attention to the shelves that are now above Adleigh’s crib.  I wanted to keep things on the shelves that would not fall easily.  I decided to put a ballerina bear that was mine as a child, along with a decorative letter “A” that I decorated using decorative paper from Michaels.

Room Tour: Purple, Teal and Grey Toddler Room - Crib

I kept the tissue paper pom poms that I had created for her when I first put together her nursery.  She really likes looking at them when she is falling asleep, and since we never got her a mobile, I feel like this is acting like one for her!

Room Tour: Purple, Teal and Grey Toddler Room - Closet Cozy Corner

Then, the last thing I created for her room was a cozy little nook inside her closet.  Since her closet comes into her bedroom, she is limited on her space.  I don’t hang any of her clothes, so the space in the closet was just storage.  I kept her extra diapers and clothes from her cousins.

I cleared out one side of her closet.  I put as much of the stuff in the other side of her closet as I could fit.  The remaining box of clothes that didn’t fit in the closet, went in the basement closet as those clothes are for when she is much older.

Now that the space was cleared out, I added some pillows and a few stripe bins from Land of Nod to hold all of her toys and dolls.  But the space still needed something to make it feel warm and cozy.  So I took a tension rod, a white shower curtain, and some ribbon to create a cute cover for the nook.

Room Tour: Purple, Teal and Grey Toddler Room - Curtain With Ribbon

I started by sewing the shower curtain closed so I could string it through the tension rod.  Then I added a few ribbons to give it some color.  Hanging the curtain in the closet, I cut a slit right up the center of the shower curtain and pulled each side back to create a cozy tent-like atmosphere in the closet.

Room Tour: Purple, Teal and Grey Toddler Room - Twinkle Lights

Then I strung some twinkle lights from Target in the space.  I just wanted to make the nook feel cozy and inviting for her to snuggle up and read!

Now her toddler room is complete and I am really happy with how it turned out!  She loves playing in her nook with Eli.  I feel like it was a perfect transition to turn the space into a toddler room by moving furniture, changing out pictures and adding some bins to hold toys and books!


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  1. Jacquelyn

    What color is the paint in the wall??
    In love with it

    • The Organized Mama

      It’s Benjamin Moore Radiant Orchid and I just love it! Such a cheery and wonderful color!

  2. SArah

    Love the paint color! I tried looking up radiant orchid, but Benjamin Moore does not have that least that I can find. Is there an alternative name?

    • The Organized Mama

      Hi Sarah, It’s called Wild Orchid! I’m sorry about that!


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