I am doing it again… the One Room Challenge. It might be because I am totally lacking projects (not!), or because I can’t stand to look at this unfinished space any longer.

But I decided to participate in the One Room Challenge and will be totally redesigning main floor bathroom!

After our kitchen renovation, the main floor bathroom just kind of got forgotten.

We removed a window and got a new toilet. But it is still unfinished.

So I decided that over the course of the next 6 weeks, I would be transforming this blah space into a beautiful powder room!

Now, let me take you back. Back before the kitchen renovation started and we had a functional bathroom that I hated!!

shower curtain

When we moved into our house, the previous owner did a lot of upgrades to try to flip it. The market crashed and we lucked out with this gem.

But, the bathroom was soooooo not my taste. I was not a fan of the tile, or the wall color, or the decor.

Browns are not my thing, but I tried to make them my thing. But they just didn’t make me scream “yay”!  But I did try to make it feel more home-y. I turned a shower curtain into window curtains, and added some wall decor.

I hated the vanity. Like when we were looking at the house, before we even put in an offer, I wanted that thing gone.

powder room shelves

Almost 5 years later and I am getting my wish of a new vanity.  Bye Felicia!

So I got a semi-gutted bathroom to redesign. But how am I going to make it look??

Our taste is what I like to call a “modern farmhouse style”. We like dark, bold colors with wood accents and cozy decor.

I thought and thought and thought about how I wanted the powder room to look, and decided to have some high contrast to the tiny space.

I am going to start with adding wainscoting. We will paint it white to keep it farmhouse-y. Then, we are going to paint the walls “Shadow” from Benjamin Moore, because I am OBSESSED with that color. It is just so pretty and rich.

We already have a new toilet, so I can check that off the list…BOOM!

Since the bottom of the room will be white, I am planning on doing a white vanity with black knobs. Again, high contrast, because that’s my jam.

I have wanted to try removable wall paper forever, and think I might just pull the trigger and do it in this space. Probably will do some sort of pattern with black in it, but we shall see what I find.

I am also thinking of doing farmhouse-style lighting in the powder room.

And, you know I will be making all sorts of DIY wall decor to go in there too, because what fun is the One Room Challenge without a little DIY?!?!

Redesigning Main Floor Bathroom

Paint color: Benjamin Moore Shadow  ::  Lights: Nuvo Lighting  ::  Wallpaper: Speckle  ::  Vanity: Kohler Poplin  ::  Tile: Carrara Bianco Herringbone

Now that I actually have a plan, I have to get to work. I only have 5 weeks left, so if you need me, I will be in our powder room trying to get this done for the reveal!!

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