Our basement started off as being a “man cave” where the hubby could just have his gadgets and sports stuff spewed on all of the walls, a wet bar that was eventually going to be updated and a bathroom meant for “guy business”.

Well, throw in another baby on the way and we have lost our guest room.  The only logical spot for a guest room would be in the basement.  Therefore, the “man cave” had to become a guest bedroom along with a functional living space.

After many discussions, we decided to put in a Murphy bed seeing as the only guest we have on a regular basis are my parents.  Looking around at the space, we decided to start with the basement bathroom.  It started off with lots of tools being housed in a corner and no decoration.  Really there was no style to the space.

We clearly needed something other than the tool boxes to hold the tools.  We also needed some counter space for when my parents are visiting.  After clearing out everything from the bathroom, we figured we could still hold the tools in the space, but needed a nicer looking organizational system for the tools to be housed.Revamping The Basement Bathroom

My hubby went to IKEA and purchased the ALGOT frame with mesh baskets.  This product looks nice and is very functional for our purpose of holding the tools along with providing extra counter space for my parents to use when they are visiting.

We went through all of the tools and other items that were being housed in this space and realized most of the items weren’t just tools, but light bulbs, painting supplies, and baby-proofing items.  Sorting through everything took some time, but now everything has a place!  We finished the baskets off with Martha Stewart Home Office Bookplates.  I also added some finishing touches to make the space more inviting for visitors.

Revamping The Basement Bathroom
Revamping The Basement Bathroom
Revamping The Basement Bathroom

Now the space feels complete!  Can’t wait for the guests to arrive and test out the newly spruced up bathroom.