This past weekend we were visiting my parents in Minnesota for the holiday weekend.  During the weekend, we spent so much time on the porch and patio of my parents house that I had to share how amazing it is!  We had fires in the fire pit, where the kids were able to make s’mores.  We ran around the garden, where the dog would try to catch bunnies.  The kids ran through the sprinklers in the lawn.  We had dinners on the deck.  It was a great time.

Setting Up A Patio - Deck

Setting Up A Patio

The entire deck where we would eat and talk.

Setting Up A Patio - Water Fountain

A water fountain is decorated near the sliding glass door to enter the deck.

Setting Up A Patio - Deck Flower Boxes

The beautiful planter boxes my mom put around the deck hold some of her favorite flowers.

Setting Up A Patio - Cactus Deck

Succulents are displayed near the stairs in planters.

Setting Up A Patio - Fire Pit

The fire pit was designed for many fires and s’more making sessions!

Setting Up A Patio - Fire Wood Storage

The wood for the fire pit is stored near the stairs in a cute, distressed bin.

Setting Up A Patio - Patio

Benches and tables fill the rest of the patio.

The garden where the kids would run around.

Setting Up A Patio - Flowers

Now as we are back home, I truly feel inspired to get our patio into a space we will want to spend the rest of the summer enjoying!