A lot has happened over the weekend!  We got the basement of our house cleaned up so we can start using that space again!  That was a huge accomplishment since we had been living upstairs on our bedroom-level floor for the past two months.

We painted the ceilings in the living room, kitchen, and sun room so we can get our lighting installed THIS WEEK!!!  (insert all the confetti emojis) I cannot wait to see what the lighting looks like.  Fingers crossed I like them all.

And we picked out grout for the tile.  Like this is some crazy exciting renovation updated going on over at the Litman house!


I will have more fun updates on the renovation progress coming soon!  But you can follow along on my InstaStories for all the fun updates!

And, we are getting ready for Halloween tonight!  I made the kids’ costumes this year… Well, there wasn’t much to make, but they still looked cute.

My daughter wanted to be the color “purple”.  So I found every single piece of purple clothing she owned, and covered her from head to toe in it!  I bought purple mittens and made her a purple cape to go along with the whole “purple” theme.


My son ended up being a superhero dinosaur.  I added some dinosaur spikes to a zip-up hoodie sweatshirt.  Then I made him a cape to wear with his hooded sweatshirt.

I think they both looked adorable!


Today, I am over at A Blissful Nest today sharing a tutorial to create a DIY blue plaid table runner with black pom pom ribbons.

Since I am such a sucker for all things blue, I couldn’t find a decent blue plaid runner for our dining room.  So I decided to make one!

Head over to A Blissful Nest to see the full tutorial!

Wishing you all a wonderful Halloween!


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