The flowers are blooming, the air is whimsically finessed with bouts of warmth and a new season is upon us. Spring is finally here! Yes, there’s the responsibility of spring cleaning that comes to mind during this time of year but, there are also creative and inspiring ways to enjoy spring around your home through entryway decor!!

What better way to spruce up your humble abode than to create a lovely entryway that softly and radiantly says “Hello, it’s spring, and it’s time to enjoy it!” when you and guests enter your home.

How To Add Spring To Your Entryway Decor

Use Fresh Colors

Whether neutral, or a burst of color, it all plays a part in a welcoming spring entryway decor. Neutral colors help to create a calm and clean entrance to your home, while vibrant colors allow for bold and fun statements. Either way, decide which pieces you want to display and experiment with different colors. You’ll be on your way to a bright and exciting introduction into your home.

Flowers are a Must

What’s spring decor without flowers?! Silk, plastic, or the real thing, flowers add that “something special” to a space that is inviting and sweet. Pick a spring flower that you can’t live without and add it to your entryway decor collection. You’ll be glad you did!

Fragrance for Day/Night

A nice airy fragrance can change the entire mood of any room in your home, including that of an entryway decor. There are tons of fragrances to use, especially during spring. From floral scents to sweet and blissful aromas of spring, rest assured you’ll find something worthy that will add a touch of spring to the air inside your home.

Add your favorite candle that can be used at night to illuminate your entryway and add a nice touch of ambiance, or use a fragrance diffuser that can double as a decorative piece and keep the entryway nice and fresh during the day. You can have a lot of fun with this part, so grab your special spring scent and set the scene for welcoming your guests. They are likely to feel the affects of spring as soon as they enter your home.

Keep it Simple

Above all else, don’t clutter your entryway; you don’t want to detract from it. Each decorative piece plays a special part in showcasing your enthusiasm for spring and will make a nice first impression for guests. This in turn will surely bring a smile on your face each time you enter into your home. Keep it simple and enjoy that splendid spring feeling you’ll get whenever you step foot in your home.


Use colors you love that are fresh, and appeal to your sense of spring. Include a nice decorative piece that will add flare to your entryway decor. Use your favorite spring flowers to spruce up and bring life to your entryway and a welcoming fragrance for day, night, or both! Finally, keep it simple and clean and enjoy all the feels of Spring!

These easy tips will help you add spring to your entryway decor. Plus you can easily add these tips to apply to any room in the house to get your home cozy and ready for spring! #spring #entryway #decor

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