Creating a home office can seem like a daunting task, which is why I have seen a lot of clients continue to put it on the “back-burner”, if you will.  Since it is not an area that is visible to guests visiting your home, the task of decorating, styling, and organizing a home office doesn’t always take priority.  A home office is an important part of many homes because most people store bills, receipts, medical information, and other important documents in that space.  Rather than just storing your documents, you can create a room or space that is inviting and organized.

Whether you work at home or need a place to store things,  creating a stylish home office will help you produce an environment that is both functional and enjoyable, which means you will be motivated to get stuff done.  Because any space in your home that is styled and put-together makes you want to stay and be productive, am I right?!?!  Today, I am sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks for styling a cozy, and inviting home office for any room in your home.

Styling Home Office

With that, here are my five tips for styling a home office to make your space organized, functional, and inviting!  I broke them down into my most frequently asked questions.

What To Do With Files:

You don’t always need to have a filing cabinet to store your files. There are many other options, especially if your home office is serving multiple purposes in your home.  There are desks that can serve as a filing cabinet, along with a work space, benches that can turn into a filing cabinet, or use magazine holders/boxes to create filing cabinets.  Decide on what you want to store your files in.  Make sure it is easy to keep up with.  For us, I have file folders in a filing cabinet for all of our bills and receipts.  This makes it easy for both my husband and myself to drop the papers into the filing cabinet.  But for my work and client paperwork, I use magazine holders so I can separate them and keep them underneath my desk instead of at a different place in our office.

Once you have decided on a way you will store your files, we need to finger out a system for filing things.  I shared some of my tips for keeping your files organized in the NAPO News.  These tips are how I encourage people to keep their bills and files organized, is to keep everything incredibly accessible and easy to organize.  If you are using a filing cabinet, one effective system is to create files for each month and drop all paperwork into that specific file.  Another way is to break down each file into different topics, such as medical, dental, kids, etc.  Or if you are using magazine holders, create a holder for each topic or combine months, making things easy to find.  Figure out a system that will work for you and you know you can keep up with.

Styling Home Office - Couch and Pillows

Where To Sit:

Finding comfy and supportive places to sit in your home office can be a challenge.  I looked for a long time before I found a chair I thought looked nice and fit perfectly in my home office space.  I wanted a chair on wheels so I could move it easily from one work space to another.  Some of my clients don’t need to move their office chair, so they have found wonderful stationary chairs that work well in the space, along with providing the greatest comfort, because who wants to be uncomfortable in a desk chair?

I found my desk chair at Pottery Barn Teen and it is just perfect for the space and what I need it for!  I also love looking for desk chairs at Home Goods, and Joss and Main.  Look everywhere because you will never know what you could stumble upon!


Styling Home Office - Desk

How Big Should My Work Area Be:

There is no right or wrong size for a work area.  Start by looking at your space you are using as an office.  Do you have ample space for a large desk?  Do you need to find a corner desk?  Do you have a small space that requires a small desk?  Do you need a work space that can transform from a desk into a piece of furniture when guests come over?  Figure out the size you are working with and find a desk that will meet the requirements of the space.  Find something that you find aesthetically pleasing, along with suitable for your space.

If you need a desk that you can easily hid things when guests come over, I love vintage writing desks with hunches.  The writing desk can fold up, making the desk turn into a piece of furniture.  I also love the corner desks from Pottery Barn teen.  Or you can make your own desk!  There are so many tutorials online for making a desk or work space.

Once you’ve figured out a size and style you like, think about what you actually need to have on your desk, versus what you currently have on your desk.  (Keep your work space to a bare minimum.)  I always recommend keeping desks and work spaces as clear of “stuff” as possible, so you will always have room to work.  Therefore, all the office supplies will be housed in different locations, that are still accessible, but not cluttering your work space.

Styling Home Office - Side Table


Adding individual touches can help make any space feel welcoming.  I love adding books to any space I am designing.  They add wonderful dimension and detail to shelving, can be used for adding height, and should be showcased because the covers can add wonderful color to neutral spaces.

I also think it’s important to add meaningful mementos to spaces, like seashells from a family trip, or collections of interesting things like bottles, as it brings a more personal touch to a space.  And by adding these special things to your work space, you will likely feel more at home in the space as well.

Find things that speak to you and your design style.  I love having flowers and plants in my office because it makes the space feel more alive.  A also have a shelf in my office of some of my kids’ crafts they have made at school.  It’s a personal touch to the space that has meaning and adds interest.

Styling Home Office - Bulletin Board

Where Do I Store Everything:

Now you have a desk or work space that is put in place, it is time to put everything away.  My suggestion is to put your essentials on your desk.  For me, that is my computer, pencil holder, Washi tape, and a scented diffuser.  The rest of the “stuff” would go in drawers or on shelves.  My desk drawer is where I have my tape, paper clips, binder clips, and any other office item I would need throughout the day.  I keep my notepads in a bin on a shelf of my desk, so I can easily grab them when I need them.  My stationery is in a stationary organizer on another shelf of my desk.  I wanted to keep these things accessible but they didn’t need to take up the precious real estate of my desktop.  Think about what you need daily, occasionally, and rarely.  Keep the daily items in easy to use drawers or shelves of your desk.  Your occasionally items can go in drawers, while your rarely items can be stored in areas that aren’t as easily accessible.

For the Back to School Organization Challenge, I shared some helpful office organization tips.  With these office organization tips, I shared that I like to use magazine file holders to store things that I want to be able to use easily.  Or I use boxes to store items that need to be out, but that I don’t need to use daily.  These storage options can help add to styling your home office.  My favorites are from The Container Store because they are incredibly durable and look really pretty!  I also love using bulletin boards, magnet boards, or French bulletin boards to hold things that I need daily.

Good luck getting your office organized, and, hopefully, my tips for styling a home office will come in handy!  Remember to find a work space that will fit in your office area and looks aesthetically pleasing.  Find a chair that works with your space and your needs.  Create a system to keep your files up-to-date, along with adding personal details to the space.  And create ideal storage by keeping all office supplies you use daily in an easy and accessible place of your desk or work space.  For more home office inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!