Back in the fall, I created this burlap wreath.  It was nothing special, just burlap, wreath form and a wooden letter “L” that I wrapped in twine.  I had big plans for this wreath as fall turned to winter.  Well, that never happened and now I have been living with the boring wreath for over half of the year.  It is time to change things up, since I am getting bored with it.

To make the burlap wreath, I took the spool of burlap, cut a long chunk, and loosely wrapped it in and out of the wreath form.  I continued to cut chunks of burlap and wrap it in and out of the form until the wreath appeared full.  I tucked the ends under bubbles that started to form as I pulled the burlap out of the wreath form.

curly burlap wreath tutorial

Seeing as St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, I thought it would be fun to add some deco mesh to the burlap.  Michael’s was having a sale on the deco mesh so I thought it’d be fun to do two different colors of green.  I purchased two rolls of the deco mesh, one dark green and one neon green.  This would make a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day Wreath.

To make the curly pieces using the deco mesh, I used the entire width of the mesh, as that is already nicely bound together.  I started to cut pieces about 10 inches in length (not exact but roughly 10”).

curly burlap wreath tutorial

Once I cut six pieces of mesh, three of each color, I rolled the mesh up the length way, leaving the bound end pieces to make the curly parts.  I tried to roll them up really tight but keeping them loose at then ends.

curly burlap wreath tutorial

Taking a pipe cleaner, I wrapped that around the deco mesh pieces I rolled up.  I wrapped the pipe cleaner around the tightly and gently fluffed the ends of the mesh.

Taking the pipe cleaner mesh curly piece I just made, I attached that to the back of the burlap wreath.  I wrapped the pipe cleaner around the wreath form a few times, making sure it was tight and wouldn’t fly off.  Then I repeated this to make a total of three curly pieces attached by the pipe cleaner.

curly burlap wreath tutorial

Lastly, I changed the ribbon I had on the current wreath form.  Since the deco mesh is green, I decided to change the purple ribbon to a dark green ribbon.  Now I created some interest to my old burlap wreath.

If you wanted to make a wreath completely filled with deco mesh, just make sure to get more rolls of the mesh and lots of pipe cleaners, but the process is the same!