One thing that really drew us to our home was the sun room.  It was such a fantastic bonus room in the house that we couldn’t wait to move in and make this space our own.  We made it a nice, cozy living room and enjoyed spending time soaking up the sun and watching our favorite shows.  Then the little man comes around and we realized quickly that we needed a play room.

When you walk into our house, we have an area that is suppose to be a formal living room.  Since we aren’t formal living room type of people, we thought we could make that area the play room.

This would have been a great idea except it is all hard wood, but the sun room was carpeted!  My genius husband suggested that we flip the spaces and turn the sun room into a play room and actually make a living room in the front of the house.

evolution of our play room

Excited about the prospect of decorating the play room, I literally threw the toys in the sun room and began looking on Pinterest for play room inspirations.

We loved the paint color we chose when we first moved into the house.  It is Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue and it adds just the perfect amount of pop to our first floor.  It also makes a fantastic color for a play room!

play room

I found some great ideas and began envisioning the play space for the little man.  I started by getting a wall decal.  I thought this would turn a rather dull space into a more kid-friendly environment.

I didn’t feel like the wall was complete with just one decal, so I went back and purchased another and am just loving the race car wall now!  I made it wrap around the large wall and the half wall so that it looks like a piece of artwork in the play room.

I removed the television from the playroom along with the Pack ‘N’ Play as we no longer were using it.  I replaced those items with a play kitchen the little man got for his birthday and other push toys he enjoys playing with.

The little man just keeps getting bigger and continues to get into stuff.  He is pulling things off of shelves.  I have tried to move heavier things onto lower shelves but some of the toys were just heavy to begin with.  This was getting to be a big problem.  I wasn’t feeling right about leaving little man to play in the play room so I could run to the bathroom or get his lunch ready.

I couldn’t take it any more so I dragged the family to IKEA to get something for the bins and toys that wouldn’t involve shelving.  We purchased two Kallax shelving units and a single shelving unit to create a window bench that would go under the windows in the play room.  Then we would use the under part of the bench for toy storage by putting bins to hold the toys.


Now that the benches were in, I felt the needed something to warm them up.  Seeing as the little man is so little and the dog enjoys jumping all over the benches, we wanted something that could easily be cleaned.  While browsing IKEA, we came across some colorful pillows that were perfect for covering the benches.

I love the colors of the pillows as they go perfectly with the wall color and they are really bright and cheery for the space.  They are easy to clean and can be used for climbing, sitting on, or snuggling with as we play in the play room.

play room

I also labeled the bins so putting things away would be super easy for whoever would be cleaning up.  I had the bins in my classroom when I was teaching, so instead of buying new bins, I figured these would work for the items we have right now.

Now that the benches were completed and pillows were added, we needed to figure out what to do with the windows.  I love having them open and letting in all the natural light, but when you’re playing on the floor and the sun is in your eyes, running out of the playroom to play in the living room is what has begun to happen.

We had recently purchased some honeycomb blinds for the kitchen from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  They worked great for a temporary fix to our window needs, so we decided to purchase them for the play room, and what do you know.  The room took on a whole new feel!

play room

This change has completely changed the light issue in the room.  Now I can partially close the blinds to keep some of the sun out without having to completely close the curtains.  Light can still get in through the blinds, which I love.


Last thing we did was paint the bookshelf.  This was a bookshelf given to us from my father-in-law who has a thing for holding on to old furniture.  The dresser in my daughter’s room was from my husband’s grandfather.  And now this bookshelf is adding to our collection of old hand-me-down furniture that is fun to decorate with.

Using a white Benjamin Moore paint, we painted the entire bookshelf.  Then I added some fun shelving liner to the back of the bookshelf to give it some interest.  I will be stacking the bookshelf with books and other toys for the kids to play with.

Now the room is almost complete, but I still want to make a bench cushion for the window bench that is also holding the kids’ toys.  I have found a few tutorials on how to do this via Pinterest, so I need to start looking for fabrics to cover the bench cushion with.

play room