I have been loving chunky knit blankets this winter.  They are incredibly easy to make because they don’t take as long!

I have found some of my favorite chunky yarn at Michaels Craft Store and Joann Fabrics.  Whenever I am looking for chunky yarn, I want to make sure it is soft and doesn’t pull that easily.

Then, I knit the chunky yarn using my US 50 knitting needles because they make really chunky knits!  (YouTube video coming soon!!)

Reading Living Room Footstool

After knitting some chunky blankets, I thought it might be fun to try upholstering a footstool using a chunky knit!

We have a ton of those name step stools lying all over the house.  I decided to turn one of them into a footstool for our living room.  I mean, why not repurpose those into something useful, since the kids are starting to get too big for them (tear)!

After I knit the chunky cover, I upholstered the step stool.  The entire tutorial is on A Blissful Nest today!!

Now our living room has a place for me to put my feet up while the kiddos’ play or snuggle up by the fire!

Chunky Knit Upholstered Footstool Tutorial

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