We started renovated on our kitchen over a year ago! It is crazy to think that the time has flown so quickly!

When we first started to design the space, I was dead set that I wanted dark grey cabinets. They wouldn’t show all the dirt and smudges and would look totally different than everything I was seeing online (aka Pinterest).

Well, after seeing TONS of grey kitchens once I selected our cabinets, I instantly changed my mind to white. Like there wasn’t even a flinch when I called to change the cabinet order from grey to white. Same style, just white.

 kitchen inspiration dark countertops

I have always loved white kitchens and the only reason I decided on grey was to have something different. But sometimes different isn’t always what you envisioned for the long haul.

So we did white cabinets in the entire kitchen area and grey cabinets as the buffet in the dining area.

I was incredibly happy with everything once it was installed.

But, now, after a year of living with white cabinets, I have some advice for anyone thinking of doing a white kitchen!

Get Quality

Spend the money on the higher end paint/cabinets/etc. It will pay off in the long run when you actually use your kitchen daily and are able to see the “wear and tear” from every day use. We forked over money for quality cabinets and I have found it to be totally worth every penny!

You can’t really see smudges the kids make unless you are looking. When things spill on the cabinets, it is easy to just wipe off because they are glossy. And, if something is really stuck on them, using a Mr. Clean Eraser doesn’t do any damage to the cabinets!

white kitchen inspiration wall of drawers

Don’t Do Everything White

When we were picking out countertops and knobs, I knew I didn’t want everything white. To me that just felt too sterile. I needed the contrast of dark with the white cabinets. Look into hardware from places like Wayfair. They have a great variety to choose from that are not only white or crystal!

If you do the contrasting countertops, then a white backsplash would look amazing!!

Plus, I liked the stainless steal appliances with the white cabinets and white backsplash.

white kitchen inspiration close up drawers

Be Ok With Imperfections

This is soooo important, especially if you have kids! There will be hand prints and spills!!

If You Don’t Like It, You Can Paint It!

Worst case scenario, you install white cabinets and they are not working for you.  You can always paint the white cabinets another color!

white kitchen inspiration microwave

But knowing all of this going into creating a white kitchen will help you decide if it is the right style for you!

white kitchen inspiration single island

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