Valentine's Day decor ideas
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Decorating The Home For Valentine’s Day

Check out my decorating ideas for a very lovely home for the coming Valentine's Day.

I love decorating the house for holidays.  For one, it is super easy to decorate for holidays with little kids.  And if they destory a decoration, it really doesn’t matter because I will be changing it up again soon!

For Valentine’s day, I decided to decorate some candles since the kids love playing with them.  I was trying out different ways to make a typical Yankee Candle votives more festive.  I tested out a bunch of ways to make the festive and found a bunch!

An easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up a votive candle is to use washi tape around the candle.  I also found heart-shaped stickers at Target dollar spot that I stuck on the candle for something colorful.


To get a bit more crafty, you can make a pom pom ball and tie it around the candle.  I followed this tutorial from Craft-O-Maniac.

I also cut some paper into small strips and rolling them up.  This is called quilling.  I used A LOT of Mod Podge to hold it together.  I covered the candle with Mod Podge, them used more Mod Podge to hold the quilled paper together and stuck it onto the candle.

Valentine's Day decor ideas

I also made some tissue paper flowers and wrapped them around the candle.  I will be posting the tutorial soon.

I also made some heart garland.  I took a giant heart hole-punch to punch out hearts on card stock and sewed the hearts together.

Valentine's Day decor ideas

Being a huge candle lover (or a “burner” in the world of Yankee Candles), I know that Yankee Candle has the best scents and are super durable.  My toddlers can bang and chew on the votive candles and they are still going strong with only scratches!  I also love their fundraisers!  If you are looking for help setting up an amazing fundraiser, my good friend Elizabeth can help set one up for you.  Contact her at with any questions you have!  Tell her you found out about her from me and she’ll hook you up with lots of goodies for your fundraiser!

Valentine's Day decor ideas

Disclaimer:  These ideas are all my own.  I am in no way being compensated by Yankee Candle or any of their affiliates monetarily.  I was giving some votive candles to use for crafting purposes only.

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