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DIY Outdoor Easel For Kids

Creating a DIY Outdoor Easel For Kids

So remember back when I shared how I made our on-the-go activity kits for the kids?  I created them so that if one child wants to play outside while the other wants to do an “inside” activity, I’d be able to quickly grab a kit and do the activity outdoors.  And remember how I created a stress-free summer schedule to help give some loose structure to our summer?  Well, according to that schedule, every Wednesday is art day and I created a few art on-the-go kits for the kids, and last week, magic happened on Wednesday as I created a DIY outdoor easel for the kids using binder clips and the fence.

DIY Outdoor Easel For Kids - Clip On FenceWe were playing outside when Eli wanted to paint.  I decided to bust out the “real” paint instead of the watercolors we typically use, just for fun.  The “real” paint is water-based finger paints that I only use occasionally as Adleigh likes to taste it.  As the kids started to paint on our patio, the wind started to pick up and their papers started to fly.  Since I wasn’t able to stick the paper down to the ground, I decided to grab some binder clips and attach them to the fence to hold the paper.

DIY Outdoor Easel For Kids - Painting
DIY Outdoor Easel For Kids

And like magic, we had an outside easel to play with!  I had a bunch of binder clips, so I ended up attaching a bunch of paper to the fence and the kids went around painting on every paper that I hung up.  Adleigh was carrying around her bowl of paint, while Eli preferred to keep his on the ground.

DIY Outdoor Easel For Kids - Painting With Clips On FenceWe started off painting with different size paint brushes, which quickly led to us trying other mediums for painting.  Adleigh enjoyed using her fingers, while Eli was experimenting with some leaves and grass.  Since this was a last-minute project, I didn’t have much else for them to explore, other than what we found around the backyard.

Next time we paint outside, I will have made some fun paint brushes using different types of fabric, cotton balls, clothespins, and feathers.  As I find fun things, I am adding them to a box of painting supplies I have started to create.

DIY Outdoor Easel For Kids - Painting On FenceThis was such a fun activity that didn’t cost much and the kids loved it!  We painted for a good twenty minutes before we had to come inside to eat lunch, so I would say this was a huge success.

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