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DIY Rope Vase Tutorial

A tutorial on how to create a rope vase using twine, a clear vase and paint, along with a hot glue gun.

As I have been the process of sprucing up our living room, I am in need of some decorative items to put on our end tables.  With the two kiddos, I need things that can withstand their craziness.  One thing I have been dying to find is a decorative rope vase.  I couldn’t find any that I really liked, so I decided to make my own!

I started with grabbing my supplies.  I found this great plastic cup at Target to use as the vase.  This way I can leave it out on the end table and if it falls, it’s just plastic!  I also got my twine, Dewalt hot glue gun, Martha Stewart craft paint in Pacific Iris, Q-Tips and a paper plate.

DIY Rope Vase Tutorial - Materials Rope Vase

Once my hot glue gun was heated up, I wrapped the twine around the bottom of the vase and secured it with the hot glue.  I continued to wrap the twine around the vase, securing parts of the twine with hot glue.

DIY Rope Vase Tutorial - Wrapping Rope Vase

Once the twine was to the location on the vase I wanted, I secured the twine and cut off the excess.

DIY Rope Vase Tutorial - Rope Vase

I wanted to give the vase some color, so I used Martha Stewart craft paint and Q-Tips to create dots on the twine.  I put a small amount of paint on the paper plate and dipped the Q-Tip into the paint.  Making a circular motion, I created purple dots sporadically around the vase on the twine.

DIY Rope Vase Tutorial - Painting Dots

Once I painting dots around the entire vase, I let the paint dry.

DIY Rope Vase Tutorial - Rope Vase Purple Dots

By adding flowers, I have a fun and easy vase to use on an end table in our living room!

DIY Rope Vase Tutorial - Rope Vase With Flowers

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