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DIY Vintage Time Capsule

How to create a DIY vintage time capsule using a decorative suitcase from your local craft store, twine, cardstock, and embellishments to remember this year.

Can you believe that 2016 will be here in less than two weeks?  I cannot believe how fast 2015 has gone.  With the ups and downs of this year, I am so grateful for everything that I have accomplished, everything that I have learned, and all the experiences that I have gone through.  Thinking back to everything that has happened, I want to remember the good and the bad times, for in those times you grow and learn and become who you were meant to be.

While thinking back about all that has happened this year, I wanted to make a place to store all of our memories from this year.  Thinking of something like a time capsule that I could display around the house was what I had envisioned so I could go back to that place and find all the memories from all of the exciting things that happened this past year!

I decided to recreate something I did last year, and that was a DIY vintage time capsule using a decorative suitcase, twine, knobs, cardstock, and embellishments to create something to display around the house.  I really love how pretty it looks on our bookcase.  Every time I see the box, I am reminded of everything that we did the following year.

I am in the process of creating another time capsule for 2015, but I am sharing my post from last year as I hope it inspires you to create something to hold the memories from this past year, for you to look back on and remember all the good times you had.

I started by purchasing a decorative suitcase from Michaels Craft Store.  You can use any sort of storage bin, but this vintage suitcase fit the decor of our house.  I wanted to make sure we have something big enough to hold all the pictures, books, artwork, and trinkets we wanted to store in our time capsule.  I was going for something that could be displayed around the house without looking too much like it was storing something.

Time Capsule Knob

I wanted to make it festive, and special, so I decided to add tags that say 2014.  To hang the tags, I decided that I would use decorative knobs and twine.  The knobs I found were at a thrift store, but Anthropologie has adorable knobs that would be perfect for this project as well!  I feel that by adding little touches, it gives the time capsule a more interesting and special feeling!

Being incredibly careful, I drilled a hole into one side of the suitcase.  I used a small drill bit that was the same size as the screw to the knob I was using.  Then using a laser level, I shined the light through the hole, making sure it was level, and marked where to drill the second hole.  I screwed in the knobs to both sides of the suitcase.

Time Capsule Knob String

Now comes the fun part…decorating the inside of the box!  Taking some twine, I wrapped and tied it to one knob.  Then I did the same thing to the other side.  I wanted the twine to be a little droopy, so I cut it to the right size before I tied the other side of the twine to the knob.

Time Capsule Tag

Then I added the tags.  I bought these at the store and wanted to add some embellishments.  I started by adding stickers to each of the tags so it would show 2014.   I cut some white ribbon to the size I wanted, wrapped it around the tag, and cut the ends to be at an angle.  I added some decorative jeweled clips to the ribbon that would act as a way to attach the tag to the twine.  First, I attached the clip to the ribbon.  Then, placing the tag where I wanted it, I attached the tag to the twine using the clip.  I spaced the tags out about two fingers distance between each tag.

Once the inside of the box was decorated, I needed to gather up items to put inside the box.  I wanted to save some family pictures, some favorite books the kids have outgrown, birthday and holiday cards, notes, my journal from the past year, and any other items that were meaningful to us this past year.  I gathered everything up and put it inside the suitcase.

Time Capsule Banner

Once all the items were inside the suitcase, I found a spot for the suitcase to sit.  It is on a shelf in our living room.  It is so nice to walk by the suitcase and know that hiding inside are special reminders from the past year.  I love being able to see this visual reminder of everything that we have accomplished, and know that we have a special place in our home to celebrate the year with visual reminders of everything that has happened.

Time Capsule Inside

I encourage you to create some sort of time capsule to help you remember the year.  Whether it be in a physical form like my time capsule, or a virtual form, like on your computer or an app, I hope you take some time to reflect on all that has happened this past year.  The good, the bad, and the ugly!  It is a great reminder for living a life with purpose and focusing on what actually matters.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!

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  1. I love this idea! I think it is good to take time to stop and think back on all that has happened over the past year! I have started to journal again, which is something I like! To look back and read from where I came from a year ago and all that has happened in the past year!

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