Anyone else’s little ones have a tough time getting ready for bed??

Most nights my kiddos are great, but there are a few days during the week that they “forget” everything they have to do before going to bed.

I am talking change into PJ’s and brush teeth. Because, for some reason, that has been the most challenging part of bedtime!

So I created a bedtime checklist to help keep night time running smoothly. This checklist is similar to the morning routine checklist I created with personalized clipboards. Since all our bedtime routines happen in one location, I decorated picture frames to keep in the kid’s bedrooms.

Bedtime Routine Checklist With Decorative Frame

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materials DIY Decorative Bedtime Checklist


1. Lay out felt balls on craft frame in an arrangement you like.

2. Hot glue the wool balls onto the frame.

hot glue balls decorative bedtime checklist

3. Let dry.

decorative picture frame for bedtime routine checklist

4. Print off Bedtime Checklist free printable.

5. Insert printable into frame.

6. Teach kiddos how to use checklist by writing on the frame after each task is complete.

7. Wipe off marker using cloth or Kleenex!

bedtime checklist free printable kids

This bedtime routine has helped make bedtime a little smoother when it comes to getting PJ’s on, brushing teeth, and going to the bathroom!

decorative frame nighttime routine

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