If you have been following along on my social media accounts, you might have noticed posts about National DIY Day, which is April 2, 2017.  Well, I am excited to announce that I am a DIY Day ambassador and a member of the #craftsquad!!

To get pumped for the holiday, the founders, Craft Box Girls, are having the ambassadors create DIY tutorials for you for the entire month of March, so you can get inspiration to celebrate the National DIY Day!!  And, I will be doing a Facebook Live at 2:00 central on April 2 with a fun project you can do with the kids!

And speaking of kids, National DIY Day, along with myself, are supporting AdoptAClassroom.org and their mission to give teachers a hand by providing much-needed classroom materials so that their students can learn and succeed.  As a former teacher, this mission just speaks to me!!

Support AdoptAClassroom.org by Texting a Donation Today! Text the word “Give” to (678) 582-8594 and you will be prompted through a secure system to make a donation of your choice!

Ok, but back to this project… DIY upholstered bench on the cheap and easy!

DIY Upholster Bench

I started this entire process with a trip to IKEA for the bench.  Once I did the measurements on the bench, I was able to go to my local Joann Fabrics for fabric and batting, and Target for the mattress pad.  I already have fabric scissors, my staple gun with staples, and white paint!


DIY upholstered bench


1. Paint bench white.  Make sure to get under the bench and around all the legs… Might have realized that I missed a few spots once I thought I was done painting!

DIY Upholster Bench

2. Cut the mattress pad to the size of the bench seat.  I used my fabric scissors to cut right through the mattress pad.  It worked perfectly!

DIY Upholster Bench

3. Place the bumpy side down so you are able to sit on the flat side.  Lay your batting on top of the foam and bench.  Cut off excess batting.

DIY Upholster Bench

4. Iron your fabric.

5. Lay fabric, face down, on a hard surface.  I used the floor in our entry way.  Lay the batting, foam, and bench on top of fabric.

DIY Upholster Bench

6. Cut off excess fabric.

7. Starting in the middle of the bench, pull your fabric tight and shoot one staple into the fabric, batting, and bench.

DIY Upholster Bench

8. Move towards one edge of the bench by pulling the fabric and putting a staple into the bench.  I was keeping my staples about 3-4 fingers apart from one another.

9. Once you get to the edge, start from the middle and work your way down to the other edge on the same side of the bench.

10. To upholster corners, fold your like you are folding a present.  You want to make a triangle-shape.  Repeat for the opposite corner.

DIY Upholster Bench

11. Turn the bench on its side so you can pull and adjust the fabric before you move onto the other side.  This way you can make sure it will look perfect when it is done!

DIY Upholster Bench

12. Pull fabric really tight before turning the bench over.

13. Repeat this same process with the other side of the bench.

14. Cut off excess fabric and batting.

DIY Upholster Bench

15. Turn bench upright and smooth out fabric.  If there are any areas that need to be tighter, just pull fabric and add more staples.

DIY Upholster Bench

16. Add pillows, a throw, and you are ready to go!

DIY Upholster Bench

Now you have the most adorable bench that will fit perfectly in your home without spending a ton of money!  The biggest reason I love using foam mattress pads is because they are much cheaper than the rolls of foam from a craft store, but totally feel the same!


So I want you to start thinking up a fun DIY project you are going to do to celebration National DIY Day on April 2!  Maybe do a DIY upholster bench?!?!  Make sure to share your projects on social media using the #nationaldiyday so we can see what you are making to celebrate!!


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