Who is ready for Hanukkah?? I have just started to pull out my holiday decor because Hanukkah is so short I want to get the biggest bang for my buck, if you know what I mean!! Plus, I don’t love Thanksgiving decor. Turkeys really aren’t my thing, but blue and silver are!!

One thing I do love to do is create some new holiday decor each year. Whether is be with the kids or just by myself. This year I wanted a Hanukkah rustic wood sign to add to my mantel. I was able to find all the supplies I needed at my local Michaels Store!

For those of you who don’t know much about Hanukkah, I’ll give you a little background. Hanukkah is probably one of our “least significant holiday”. Not saying it isn’t a “miracle”, but just that it is not as significant as Christmas or Easter. Our significant holidays are in the fall. Hanukkah is the story of the Jewish temple that was destroyed, but what remained was a small bit of oil. The oil was thought to only last 1 night, but ended up lasting 8 nights. This is why our candle holder, which is called a menorah, has 8 candle spaces along with a tall candle for the “lighter candle” or shamash. We light the menorah from right to left, just like you would read Hebrew.

Like any holiday, there are custom foods that you eat. So for Hanukkah, it is potato pancakes, or latkes. People top them with sour cream, apple sauce, or peanut butter if you are in my family. There is also chocolate coins, which are called gelt.

How To Create A Happy Hanukkah Rustic Wood Sign

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I shopped at Michaels for all these items!

  • Sharpie Brush Pen in Blue and Black
  • Elmer’s Glitter Glue in Blue, Silver, and Yellow
  • Wooden Rustic Sign


Step One

Using the black Sharpie Brush Pen, write “Happy Hanukkah” on the bottom board of the wood sign.

Step Two

Make sure the letters are dry. Then take the blue Sharpie Brush Pen and draw a menorah. To draw a menorah, you will draw 4 “U” shapes inside each other. Then you will draw a line down the middle of the “U” shapes. Add a small horizontal line at the bottom to create a stand for your menorah.

Step Three

Using the yellow Elmer’s Glitter Glue, create large circles above each of the “U” shapes. This will be the lights for your menorah. To create the circles, make sure you squeeze the glue gently and swirl around itself once you are done with the circle so there isn’t a tail of yellow glue when you move the bottle.

Step Four

With the blue Elmer’s Glitter Glue, add circles to each of the “Happy Hanukkah” letters. You are making dot letters, just with glue! To ensure they would show on the sign, add the circles above or below the black writing, not on top of it.

Step Five

Finally, we are going to add the silver Elmer’s Glitter Glue to the menorah. To do this, you will want to open the bottle only about half way. Then glide the glue onto the lines you created to make your menorah. Smooth out any clumps with a Q-Tip or your finger.

Step Six

Let dry. Mine took about 30 minutes to completely dry.

Step Seven

Add to your Hanukkah decor! I added my Happy Hanukkah rustic wood sign to my mantel. You can add to the decor by grabbing blue felt balls found at Michaels and stringing them together to create a garland to hang around the sign.

This is an easy seasonal craft and very approachable for the beginner crafter. Plus, all these items can be found at your local Michaels store, along with some adorable Hanukkah decor to add to your home this holiday season!

Learn how to create a happy Hanukkah rustic wood sign using Sharpie brush pens, Elmer's Glitter Glue, and a wooden sign from Michaels!