Whenever I hear luau, I think of that scene in The Lion King where Pumbaa and Timon sing that song to lure the hyenas away… are ya ackin’ (yup yup) for some bacon (yup yup)??

It always makes me giggle! That was probably my favorite part of the movie growing up, and still is!

But luau parties don’t have to be solely about grass skirts and coconut bras. They can easily be classed up with a few simple touches!

So, to show you some luau themed party inspiration, I am over at Giggles Galore with my first contributor post!

I am incredibly honored to be writing for Mariah of Giggles Galore. Mariah’s whole focus turning the ordinary into extraordinary through crafting, parties, and food!

To create a luau themed party without the coconut bras, I would recommend focusing on bright fruits as the focal point, such as watermelons and pineapples.

I used real pineapples for display, which I bought before they were ripe. Then I let them sit after the party and cut them up to eat! That was probably one of the best decorations because it was edible!

Adding embellishments to drinks is really easy by creating paper buntings like these I made for the Xyron Design Team. Then tie around the drinks and write what is in each pitcher. I used a permanent marker so you could read it on the patterned paper.

paper bunting tutorial finished

I also turned crepe paper into a tiki bar by cutting the crepe paper to create the tiki feel! I recommend taping first then cutting.

After adding embellishments to the popcorn bags and adding other touches, I think the luau party looked amazing! Just add some tropical music and you are good to go!!

To see more luau themed party inspiration, head over to Giggles Galore!!


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