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Finding The Perfect Lights To Brighten Our Hallways

In the winter I try to get the house as bright as I possibly can, because when the sun isn’t shining and it’s grey and dreary outside, the last thing I want is for our home to feel dark and dreary too.  So, we changed a bunch of light bulbs to brighten things up.  But…

In the winter I try to get the house as bright as I possibly can, because when the sun isn’t shining and it’s grey and dreary outside, the last thing I want is for our home to feel dark and dreary too.  So, we changed a bunch of light bulbs to brighten things up.  But the upstairs hallway still feels rather dull.  I think that is in part to the fact that we have some horrible lighting going on in that hallway.

When we moved into our home, the light situation just didn’t do it for me.  The fixtures were rather dark and dated.  They were a dirty, orangey, copper color that would work in a home with larger, more European styling.  That isn’t our style.  We love the rustic, modern farmhouse type of feel, so we were either going to paint those old lights or get new ones.  We went for a quick fix and decided to buy something.  For the new fixtures, we found some round lights from Home Depot that was cheap and would fit in the space and were more our style.

Now, I am so over the cheap fixtures and am in need of changing them out for something more permanent.  These fixtures were suppose to be a quick fix until we found something we loved, but three years later and we are still living with them.  So, it is time to find some new fixtures for the hallways near the bedrooms!

Finding The Perfect Hallway Light Fixture

As I have been looking for new hallway light fixtures, I have learned some things about what to look for, how to hang them, and finding the appropriate size fixture for your space.  Who knew there were so many things to think about besides finding a lighting fixture you like?!?!

Look Around

Adding light fixtures can drastically change the look and feel of a space.  It can add a dramatic focal point to the space, while adding much needed light to a smaller space.  But make sure that the light fixture fits the surrounding spaces in order to insure a cohesive space.  Don’t choose a light fixture that will “fight” with the decor around it.  For example, if your home is more on the modern side of decor, then you need to choose a more modern light fixture, rather than something more rustic, as it will clash and “fight” the decor of the space.

Do The Math

To figure out the size of the light fixture that will work in your space, you are going to have to do some math to make it work!  First, add up the length and width of the room in inches.  The number you get is the width of the light fixtures diameter.  For example, if you have a 15″ by 20″ room, your diameter of your light will need to be 35″.  Also, make sure that the bottom of the light fixture should be at least 7 feet off the floor!

Do Your Research

With online shopping so easy, make sure you read the reviews of products to ensure you are finding quality products that will work in your space.  Check out the products return policy, just in case that light fixture doesn’t work in your space.


Since our hallway is rather narrow, I need something that will look good, but also small enough to fit into the space.  I started this entire process by measuring the hallway to see what size light fixture I would need.  I won’t be able to find something large, so I will be sticking to looking at pendant lights.  And since our ceilings are lower, I can’t have any light fixture hanging low, as it will knock people in the head as they walk by.

Now that I know what I am working with, I can start searching for some inspiration!  I always start with Pinterest, because it’s so fun!  But once I get an idea of what I like, I make sure to stop searching.  I have found that for me, I get so sucked into finding the perfect look, that I forget to just look around my own space.  No two spaces will look the same, so my space will look good…I just have to trust my gut!  I give myself a time-limit for how long I should look on Pinterst.  I cannot be on for longer than 30-minutes, or I get so overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration that I cannot focus on my own project.  I get too nervous that I am going to mess up and not do something right.  So, by limiting my time, I make sure that I will be able to focus on getting SOME inspiration, and then I can start looking for different things on other websites and planning in my head and on paper.  This strategy has totally worked for me!

Hallway Lights

Once I was done searching Pinterest, I went to look at different places online.  Here are some of my favorites.  I will have to play around with the different light fixtures to see which one will look the best in our hallway.  Once I decide I will totally share with you all!   Do any of these stand out?  Any you like better than others?  I’d love to hear your feedback, so comment below!


  1. Grayton Collection 3-Light Semi-Mount
  2. 1-Light Chrome Dumant Glass Semi-Flush
  3. McLaren Lighting 2-Light Semi-Flush Linen
  4. Allen + Roth Bristow Bronze Pendant Light
  5. Delilah Pendant
  6. Lander Polished Nickle Pendant

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