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Galvanized Planter For End Of Year Teacher Gift

Tutorial for end of year teacher gift with galvanized bucket, burlap ribbon and denim flower - Galvanized Planter For End Of Year Teacher Gift

As our school year is coming to an end, I have been thinking about some end-of-the-year gifts to give Eli’s teacher.  I have seen some really cute ideas all over Pinterest, and thought I would add my own spin on some gifts.

I always loved getting flowers as an end-of-the-year present, so I thought I’d create  a decorative galvanized planter for Eli’s teachers.

End Of Year Teacher Gift - Galvanized Burlap Bucket Materials

I started by purchasing galvanized buckets, burlap ribbon, denim flowers, and chalkboard labels from Michaels.  I also got succulents from Home Depot to plant in the galvanized buckets once I finished decorating them.

End Of Year Teacher Gift - Galvanized Bucket Burlap

Taking my hot glue gun, I glued the burlap ribbon around the galvanized bucket.  Wrapping the ribbon around the galvanized bucket, I cut off the excess burlap so that I only had a small overlap around the galvanized bucket.  I put a line down the middle of the bucket with hot glue and then centered the burlap and pressed it down on the bucket.  I glued the one end of the burlap ribbon to the back of the galvanized bucket.  Then I tightly wrapped the other end of the burlap ribbon around and secured it with the hot glue gun.

End Of Year Teacher Gift - Denim Flower

Then I took the denim flower and cut off the twist tie that was on the back.  Making sure that I found the center of the galvanized bucket (because I might have had to center it a few times), I hot glued the denim flower to the center of the bucket.

End Of Year Teacher Gift - Thanks For Helping Me Bloom Tag

Using a white Sharpie, I wrote “Thanks For Helping Me Bloom” on the chalkboard tag.

End Of Year Teacher Gift - Tag On Galvanized Bucket

I tied the tag to the handle of the bucket.

End Of Year Teacher Gift - Bucket With Flowers

Now I have a fantastic gift for Eli’s wonderful teachers!  This is an easy gift for an end of the school year!

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