When it comes to babies, I totally want to keep everything!  But I found that I have been the worst at keeping up with baby books or scrapbooks.  All my kids’ baby stuff is stuck in a box waiting to be stored/displayed.

So, when we were challenged to create something for baby for the Xyron Design Team, in collaboration with Paper House, I thought how cute it would be to create a handmade baby memory book for a new mama-to-be.

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Not only would this handmade gift be adorable, but it would be super functional!  All the new mama has to do is write down things as they happen with the baby.  They could also glue in pictures or other goodies.  My thought was that you don’t have to hunt down a page to record something… all you have to do record on the next clean page.

Xyron Materials Baby Memory Book


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Tutorial For Baby Memory Book

1. Cut a piece of the Paper House paper to the size of your notebook.

2. Run paper through the Xyron Creative Station.

Xyron Machine Baby Memory Book

3. Adhere paper to the cover of the notebook.

4. Cut baby banner paper and polka dot paper to fit on the cover.

5. Run both papers through the Xyron Creative Station.

6. Adhere both papers to the cover of the notebook, overlapping each other.

 Memory Book Cover with Xyron Paper House

7. Embellish cover using stickers and chipboard stickers.

lucky in love baby memory book

8. Use remaining paper and stickers to decorate and embellish every page on the inside of the notebook.

inside pages baby memory book

9. Run paper through the Xyron 3″ Disposable Sticker Maker and adhere to different pages of the notebook.

fnished lucky in love baby memory book xyron paper house

10. Attach a bow and the 3-D light embellishment as the gift tag. And don’t forget a few pens!

Easy Baby Memory Book

Now your new mama will have a beautiful, handmade baby memory book all ready to go!

I really love how easy and useful this baby book will be for the new mama!  She will be able to create a meaningful memory book without having to wait until all the events have already taken place.

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