I am back with another round of My Dollar Store DIY!  This month the focus was on “simple gifting ideas”.

Well, with a bunch of kids’ birthdays in the near future, I decided that I would create some gifts that are perfect for littles!

There are ways you can customize the tins and fill them with whatever type of goodie the birthday child might enjoy. For this project, I created tins that were filled with beads, and a separate one for the string. I attached the labels using velcro so they could easily be swapped out when the kids want to change what is stored in the tin.

These DIY dollar store kids birthday gift ideas make an adorable, customized gift that is truly unique AND from the dollar store!!

diy dollar store kids birthday gift ideas

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1. Trace the lid of a tin onto a piece of paper. Then cut out the circle you drew.

DIY dollar store birthday gift tins and paper

2. Trace the lid on another piece of paper. Cut this circle out a little smaller than the first.

3. Cut out a small circle using another piece of paper.

4. Adhere all the circles together using your tape runner.

5. Stamp the banner onto a piece of paper. Cut out the banner.

my dollar store diy labels stamps

6. Write a label on the banner. I wrote beads on one and string on another.

7. Adhere the label to the circles using the tape runner.

8. Run the label through the laminator. Then cut off excess laminate.

9. Attach the velcro dots to the tin lid. Place the circle label to the top of the lid.

my dollar store diy velcro

10. Repeat for the other tin.

11. Fill tins with beads and string.

birthday gift ideas

I just love how easy it was to create a custom gift ideas for the kiddos birthdays! I found a ton of beads and string at Michaels, so it is perfect to fill all these Dollar Store tins with to give as birthday gifts!

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my dollar store diy simple gifting

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