Whenever I go over to someone’s house, I have to bring something.  Whether it be food, wine, or chocolates, I always have to have something in hand.

And, I love adding my own special touch to whatever gift I bring.  I might make a card, gift tag, or some other random craft for the hostess!  I think it’s fun and I love sharing personal touches with hostess gifts.

Today I am over at Imagine blog sharing a tutorial for creating wine bottle hostess gift tags.

Easy tutorial to create gift tag for hostess gift

This project is perfect to create a few at a time, as you spray the paper with Imagine’s new 2 oz. Fireworks spray.

Spray the entire paper with the Fireworks spray.  Let it dry and cut the paper into two or three tags.  Then, you have some for the next time you get together with friends or family!!

Head over to the Imagine blog for the entire tutorial of these thoughtful hostess gift tags!

Easy tutorial to create gift tag for hostess gift