Our preschool fund raiser is quickly approaching and I am helping create a few of the decorations.  This year’s theme is “Candy Land”, which is such a fun theme to decorate for!  I have been doing a lot of research on creating some interesting decorations and you can see some of my favorites on my Pinterest board!

Trying to create decorations on a budget can be tricky, but you just have to get crafty with your ideas!  I was responsible for creating giant lollipops that we are going to be placing on the food stations.  I didn’t want to create something that would eventually get thrown away but wanted to get items we could reuse again for next year.  I decided I needed styrofoam rounds and balls on wooden dowels and wrap them in bright colored cellophane and tired with ribbon.  I would secure the giant lollipops to some foam to keep them secure.

Looking at the dollar store, and slowly purchasing items from Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics with coupons can help save money for decorations.  I found styrofoam rounds and balls at Michael’s along with wooden dowels.  Using coupons, I was able to purchase a lot of styrofoam for cheap.  At the dollar store, I found cellophane and ribbon.

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial

I started by cutting the wooden dowels in half because they were really long.  I was going to paint them white, but thought it would be more interesting if they stayed their wooden color.  I had to take off all of the stickers, which was a challenge, but you can use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to help get some of the sticky parts of off the dowels, or you can sand it off with some sandpaper.  I also tried to put the sticker part at the top because it would be covered with cellophane and the stryofoam.

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Round Styrofoam and Dowel

Taking a styrofoam round, I twisted a wooden dowel until it felt secure in the round to create the shape of the lollipop.

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Cellophane

Next, I cut a large piece of colored cellophane to wrap around the lollipop.  This is the tricky part…I had to shape the cellophane around the styrofoam round and twist the bottom to create the appearance of a colored lollipop.  I grabbed one side of the cellophane and brought it to the dowel.  While still holding onto the cellophane and dowel on one side, I took the other side of the cellophane and brought it to the dowel.  I twisted the cellophane to wrap around the dowel.  There will be one side the is bunchy, so I gently pushed the ends that were opened behind some of the bunchy cellophane  to make it appear that it is fully covered.  Seeing as the stryofoam is bigger than the cellophane, I had to make it work.

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Cellophane

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Cellophane

Taking some ribbon, I knotted that around the base then created a bow.  I trimmed some of the excess cellophane off making sure to cut straight up as some of the pieces ended up being longer than others.  I wanted the bottom to be even with each side.

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Grab and Twist Lollipop

I continued this process using the colorful cellophane I purchased.  Once I was complete, I stuck the giant lollipops into the foam bases I purchased.

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Pink Giant Lollipop

Taking some deco mesh I had left over from a project, I created some grass to surround the lollipops.  I feel like it really creates some visual interest to the giant lollipops.

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Little Lollipops

I had some cellophane left over, so I decided to make a few more pieces of candy to add to the table.  I had some small, round lanterns that I used for Adleigh’s first birthday that would work wonders to create giant candy!  Seeing as I didn’t care about the color, I found more small, round lanterns on sale at Target!

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Lantern Candy

Taking the lanterns, I wrapped cellophane around them.  I ended up having to tape the cellophane together as it would constantly move around the lantern.

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Candy

With the help of my husband, I twisted both sides of the cellophane around the lantern.  Having my husband hold one end, I tied ribbon around the other because the lantern would move and it wouldn’t be centered on the cellophane.  After I tied the other side, I was left with a giant candy!

Creating Giant Lollipops Tutorial - Candy Finished

Now that the giant lollipops and candy are created, I just have to get everything in my car to set up for the fundraiser!  So are you feeling crafty enough to try this for your kiddos next birthday?  They are super easy and fun to make and look fantastic!