Who’s ready for summer?? I know I am, but this weather here in Chicago is just not cooperating.

So, to get in the spirit of summer (and hope that the weather gets the memo), our theme for My Dollar Store DIY is SUMMER, so I had to create a DIY patriotic door decor to get ready for all the holidays coming up (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day).

This super easy craft only cost me $5.00!!  Seriously, $5.00 for a decorative, patriotic door wreath that took about 20 minutes to make!!

materials patriotic door decor dollar store

Materials From Dollar Store

  • Deco Mesh in Blue, Red, and White (located in the craft aisle)
  • Metallic Pipe Cleaners (also located in the craft aisle)
  • Ribbon (again, in the craft aisle)
  • Red Colander (located in the bake ware aisle)

You will also need scissors and a vacuum as the deco mesh makes a big mess once you cut it!

Tutorial For Patriotic Door Decor

1. Cut four pieces of different colored deco mesh into pieces about the size of your hand (from palm to middle finger). This isn’t a perfect measurement, just eyeball so you can roll the deco mesh into a few tight rolls.

patriotic door decor dollar store

2. Grab a pipe cleaner and keep it close.

3. Roll all four pieces of deco mesh into tight rolls. You may have to hold onto the rolled deco mesh while you roll the next one.

4. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the four pieces of rolled deco mesh. Make sure to wrap it really tight.

wrapping rolled deco mesh patriotic door decor dollar store

5. Put the pipe cleaner through the colander and pull tightly. Then push the other end of the pipe cleaner through a hole that is close to the rolled deco mesh.

patriotic door decor dollar store calendar

6. Cut four more pieces of deco mesh in different colors.

7. Roll those four pieces.

8. Wrap the four rolled pieces of deco mesh around the pipe cleaner that is poking out of the colander. I rolled the pipe cleaner and stuck the end of it back into the hole. Then I twisted it around itself on the underside of the colander.

patriotic door decor dollar store calendar deco mesh

9. Repeat steps 1-8 until the entire colander is covered with the rolled deco mesh.

DIY patriotic door decor dollar store

10. Attach a ribbon and hang!

I think it is just the perfect addition to our door!  I will be sharing more of our patriotic door decor over on Instagram, so follow along!

complete patriotic door decor dollar store

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