Have you started to add some touches of Valentine’s Day decor around your home?  I always love adding some pops of pink, red, and gold around our house for the holiday, because it is the one time I can decorate with pink and no one really minds!

Today I am over on Imagine’s Blog sharing a fun and easy tutorial for a glittery and embossed banner perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Glittery and Embossed Banner For Valentine's Day

I decided to create a black, white, and gold banner because I had a TON of pink and red decorations around the house.

I really feel like this is a nice balance with all the pink and red.  The gold glitter heart totally ties into the glitter I have all around the house.

Heart of Gold Banner Embossed Home Decor

Head over to Imagine’s blog for the full tutorial and get your home ready for Valentine’s Day with this easy glittery and embossed heart banner!

Easy Tutorial for Glittery Banner