Halloween is tomorrow!  Which is super crazy because that means that November will be on Sunday, and that signals the beginning of winter (ewww), which I am so not ready for.  I love being able to go for walks outside and see the sun.  I am not ready to be cooped up in the house with white/dirty snow covering the ground…But I digress.

Throughout the month, I’ve been preparing us for Halloween by sharing creative crafts, easy tutorials, and fun party ideas.  We made a bat “mobile” to decorate the house.  I gave a tutorial for creating a mummy wreath, using gauze, felt, and glue.  And I shared some tips for having a non-candy Halloween party, by using fruit, granola, pirate’s booty, and veggie straws for the kids to munch on, instead of candied treats.

Today is all about last-minute Halloween costumes, because, sometimes we forget, or our child doesn’t like the costume anymore, or our child outgrew his costume before he had time to wear it…You know, the usual reasons.  So if you find yourself in this predicament, here’s my list of some last-minute, cleaver Halloween costumes, specially crafted for baby to school-aged kiddo.  (Older kids could use these costume ideas as well, but they might be a tougher sell…  So just work your magic mama!)

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas - Bag Lady

Bag Lady:

Have your child carry around bags.  To get even more festive, take a paper grocery bag, turn upside-down and cut one slit up the middle.  Cut out the bottom of the bag.  Cut some arm holes on the sides.  Have your child dress in a bag, along with carrying bags to become a bag lady.

Banana Phone:

Have children carry a banana and sing the Rafi song, “Banana Phone”.

Water Baby:

Take water wings/floatation/pool noodles and have your baby hold these items.

Alphabet Soup:

Take a large pot and put alphabet magnets in the pot while giving your baby a spoon.

Cry Baby:

Draw a tear drop on paper and tape it to your baby’s shirt.  Give child some tissues.

Tic Tac Toe Board:

Draw a tic tac toe board on paper and tape it to baby’s shirt.  Bring a crayon so you can play as you go trick-or-treating.


Put child in apron and carry around cooking utensils.  Bring a pan to use as a bag to collect treats.


Give your child a paintbrush, paint, and a smock.  Carry around paper (or attach to a piece of tagboard) and have your child paint for every house they trick-or-treat at.

Flower Child:

Give toddler flowers to hold or decorate stroller with flowers to create a flower child.

Bat “Mobile:

Use bat printable to create bats, then pin or tape the bats under arms of a shirt.  Hold arms up to become a “mobile” with bats hanging.  To add to the costume, sing the Batman TV Show theme song.

Daddy’s Girl:

Dress baby girl up in daddy’s shoes and hat.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas - Hockey Halloween Costume

Sports Player:

Dress child up in sports jersey and have child carry around ball/gear that matches said sport.  Or if it’s like -30 degrees for trick-or-treating, then just throw on a jacket and have your child carry around sports gear!


Wrap child up in gauze or toilet paper.

Water Boy/Girl:

Have child carry around cups of water as you go trick-or-treating.

Magazine Salesman/woman:

Have child carry around magazines.

Toilet Paper Dispenser:

Have child carry around toilet paper roll and dispense using both index fingers to houses as you go trick-or-treating.  (This is seriously one of the funniest costumes I have seen…and, yes, I have seen someone be a toilet paper dispenser.)

Picture Perfect:

Add the words “perfect” into a picture frame or poster board.  Now your child is “picture perfect”.


Dress in black with white circles attached by pins.


Now grab your supplies and get crafting up some easy last-minute Halloween costumes for your kiddos if you are in need of something quickly!  Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween.  Have any last-minute Halloween costumes to share?  I’d love to see them (or any of your fantastic Halloween costumes)!  Tag me on Instagram under the name @organizedmamas, and they could be featured on my feed tomorrow!  I’ll be sharing my favorite Halloween costumes throughout the day, so follow along.

The Organized Mama