I cannot believe my baby turned three!  It’s still taking a while to sink in that I now have a “threenager” living in our house.  He has gotten so independent that when we started talking about his birthday party, he said he wanted to play basketball and he liked guitars.  Hmmm…what kind of party could I create that involved playing basketball and guitars??  I was trying really hard to think of a way to merge these two ideas, when my soon-to-be three-year-old found a fantastic (yet rather annoying) YouTube video called “Soccer Rocker”.  That was the answer to his birthday party theme…Sports Rocker.

So once I decided on a theme of all the things that my birthday boy loved, we had to find a fantastic site where he could play basketball…for three-year-olds…that wouldn’t break the bank.  My husband takes Eli to soccer every Saturday, and found out that the soccer site also hosted birthday parties.  They have a basketball court, soccer field, and a party room included in the party package.  This would be the perfect site for his birthday party.  Eli can play soccer, basketball, and just run around with his friends.  They told us they could lower the rim on the baskets so the kids could shoot.  This would be glorious, as Eli wants to be a basketball player when he grows up.

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party - Birthday Banner

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party – Birthday Banner

I created a fun sports banner using my Silhouette Cameo and lots of card stock paper.  I found some fun sports paper that I cut to look like pennants.  Then, I cut out letters on black card stock and taped each single letter onto a different pennant.  I attached the pennants together by sewing them using my sewing machine.  Then, I tied a small bead to the end of each banner to the tape would have something to stick or catch.  I attached the banners to the glass in the party room using decorative Washi tape.

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party - Sports Balls

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party – Sports Balls

I also got some fun blow-up sports balls and guitars.  I tied fishing wire to the balls and guitars to hang from the ceiling to give the party room some fun decor.  I tied the fishing wire to the blow-up stopper on all the sports balls.  The guitars had two spots where you could hang them.  I used painters tape to tape them to the room so I wouldn’t damage anything or any paint.

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party - Table

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party – Table

Then, my mom found some sports plates and napkins that we used to decorate the tables.  An easy tip to keep the theme of the party without breaking the bank is to buy one pack of decorative napkins and buy the remaining napkins in fun colors.  When you lay out the napkins, intermix the decorative with the colored.  You are still staying on theme, but you are able to keep the cost down on something that will be thrown away once it gets used.  I always appreciate when there are some snacks out on the table for the kids to nosh on while they wait for the food or cake to be served.  We got small water bottles, apple sauce and Pirate’s Booty to have as a snack.  All of which are Eli’s favorites.  He loves those small water bottles.  I would also recommend getting baby wipes out for the kids.  They get so messy and sticky that having baby wipes would be so incredibly helpful.

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party - Bday Tattoos

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party – Bday Tattoos

As the kids entered, we had a tattoo station that every kiddo got to wear a tattoo during the party.  Love and Lion make these adorable, custom tattoos.  We have used them at every kiddos birthday since they started making them.  I am a huge fan of custom temporary tattoos, so these are a total win.  Check out Love and Lion Etsy shop for more custom goodness.

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party - Games

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party – Games

As the kiddos arrive and got their tattoos, we started playing basketball.  Eli loved every minute of it and was so happy to have all of his friends playing with him.  They ran around, shot some hoops, and got to be silly with each other.  The activity leaders took out the parachute to play some games, but it was really just my daughter and nephew who enjoyed them!  The big kids were too busy running around.

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party - Bday Party In Action

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party – Bday Party In Action

We came back into the party room for pizza, snacks, and cake.  Eli sang happy birthday to himself and couldn’t wait to blow out the candles.  Everyone went home looking ready for a nice, long nap!

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party - Bday Boy

Sports-Rocker Themed Birthday Party – Bday Boy

I’d say it was a great sports-rocker birthday party.  Eli loved seeing the guitars and basketballs and soccer balls everywhere around the room.  When he got to the table to eat, he couldn’t decide on which plate he liked best!  I still can’t believe that my baby is three, but I’m happy to say he had an incredible day and is so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate with.