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Getting Your Thank You Notes Done Quickly And Efficiently

Learn tips for how to write thank you notes quickly and efficiently!

Some of you may know that I am the worst when it comes to writing thank you notes.  I am so good about organizing who gave what child what gift.  I am so good with getting cute thank you notes and pens.  I always have stamps on hand.  But when it comes to actually writing the thank you notes, I am the worst!  Not only does it take me forever to write the notes, but to get them in the mail is another gigantic challenge!  This is not saying I am not grateful, because I truly am.  I just write ridiculously large, making it difficult to get everything I want to say into a thank you note.  And that I want to say so much in the thank you note that they end up either being a short novel or one sentence.  Neither of which can truly express my gratitude for the gift that was received.

As I try to get more streamlined in getting thank you notes out as quickly as possible, I have come up with some possible solutions to this problem that I am hoping will get me to get the thank you notes out within the week!

Address Labels Before Event

My daughter’s first birthday was over a week ago and I have written two thank you notes.  I am dreading the entire task because once the notes are written, I have to address the envelopes.  I have heard that if you print off labels before the party/event, getting the thank you notes out is a lot easier.  It is an easy task, seeing as you know who has RSVP’ed yes to the event!


Two days after a birthday party, I got a thank you note.  My girlfriend had gotten postcards and wrote thank you notes on the cards.  I thought this was a genius idea because everything for the thank you note is all in one place, making the entire process quick and easy.  All you have to do is write the thank you, address the postcard and put a stamp on it.  There is no middle step of putting the card in the envelope.  (Yes, that is a difficult step for me).

I have used this app before to send out thank you notes to my friends.  It is really nice insert a picture of the kiddos playing with their gift and write a quick thank you.  Then you can email the thank you note, with a picture of the kiddos playing with the gift.  I always love seeing the gifts being used!

To go along with pictures of the kiddos, I could order thank you cards with pictures from Minted and get our return address printed on the envelope so that is one less step to getting the thank you notes out.  Again, this is a difficult process for me seeing as I am writing this post instead of writing thank you notes! #procrastinator!

Write As You Go

This is one of those things that is great in theory, but I don’t know if it would actually work, especially with my husband and gifts!  Start by having thank you notes on hand, and as you open the gift, write the thank you note right there.  Once it’s written, open the next gift.  This is a true test in delayed gratification, but it might get me to complete the thank you notes quickly!

These are just some of my ideas on how I can get thank you notes out quickly.  What are some ways you get your thank you notes out?  I’d love to hear what you all do!

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