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Halloween Craft Tutorial: Mummy Wreath

An easy Halloween craft tutorial to make a mummy wreath using gauze, styrofoam wreath, and felt.

Halloween Craft Tutorial: Mummy Wreath

Sharing a wonderful project from last Halloween.  This is still one of my favorite Halloween projects because it is so easy, inexpensive, and festive!  Just grab a styrofoam wreath, gauze, felt, and glue and you are ready to create this adorable wreath!

Today I am sharing a Halloween craft tutorial on how to create a mummy wreath. This wreath is easy to make, and you can reuse most of the materials once the holiday is over.

I got most of my supplies for this project at Target, which is perfect because I am always there.  The gauze was in the pharmacy area, while the felt was in the craft aisles.  I am really loving all the crafting supplies Target is carrying these days.  It makes grabbing everything for projects incredibly easy!  The stryofoam wreath was the only thing I purchased at Michaels.  It is located in the floral aisle near the ribbons.  I really had to hunt to find it, but once I realized where it was located, it was easy to find.


Grab your materials which include two boxes of large gauze, one small gauze, black and white felt, a styrofoam wreath, craft glue and scissors!  This is a really easy craft that is rather inexpensive, but can make a big impact on your Halloween decorating!  Start by giving yourself a lot of room.  I would suggest doing this project on the floor so you can lay things out as you wrap.

Step 1: Wrap Gauze Around Wreath


Grab your styrofoam wreath and gauze.  Wrap the gauze around the styrofoam like you were wrapping a square box.  You will have some gauze stick out, but we will be fixing that next!  I had to use two boxes of large gauze to wrap around the wreath to get the look I wanted.

Step 2: Poke Gauze Into Wreath


Bunch the excess gauze together in small clumps and push it into the styrofoam using an unsharpened pencil.  I did this all the way around the wreath to make sure the front of the wreath looked mummy-like.

Step 3: Making Eyes


Flip the wreath over to the side without the gauze poked into the wreath.  This is the front of your mummy.  Using your black felt, make two large circles that will act as the mummy’s eyes.  Then make two smaller circles using the white felt.  Glue the white circles to the black circles using your craft glue.  Then glue the black circles to the gauze on your mummy.  Try to hide some of the eyes so that it looks like the mummy is peeking through his gauze.


Step 4: Adding A Hanger


Take the small gauze and wrap it around the top of the mummy wreath.  Tie a knot and cut off the excess to create a hanger to hang your wreath from a door or hook.  Bunch out the ends of the hanger to make it look like a bow.

Step 5: Showcase Your Wreath


You made an adorable mummy wreath!  Now where to hang it?  I have our mummy wreath hanging over the buffet in our dining room, but would keep it on our front door if we had a storm door to protect it.  It will soak up water quickly because it’s made of gauze, so be thoughtful about where you place it once you finish creating your mummy wreath!


I just love how easy and festive this wreath is!  Thinking of crafting up a mummy wreath for Halloween?  Well share your pics with me!  Leave a comment below with a picture, or share on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  I’d love to see how you decorate for the holiday.

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