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Hallway Lighting Inspiration

Choosing lighting in the hallway can be a challenge, so I am sharing my ways for how to pick modern farmhouse inspired lighting for your hallways!

With all the major changes we made to the first floor of our home, I thought we might need to spruce up some of the lighting in the hallways… especially the upstairs hallway!

I wanted to do update the lighting back in the spring because the lighting we had was super dated, and gave the entire hallway an orange glow.  Needless to say, I was over it!

So instead of changing the three hallway lights then, we decided to wait until the first floor renovations were almost complete to make sure we found the perfect lighting for our space.  I wanted to make sure they were cohesive with the feel of the rest of the house.

I had an idea of what I wanted for the hallway, so I found these adorable lights for the electrician to install.  They were an indoor barn pendant light similar to these.  They looked perfect for the style we were going for.

He opened the box and was like, no.  These lights are great for spotlights, but not for the hallway.  You will hate them.  He even installed one to show me.  And he was right…they were awful for the stairway with no windows or natural light.

So back to the drawing board.

What we needed was a glass pendant so it really did light up the stairs and the hallway.

There were so many options to choose from!  But, going back to my original thoughts for the space, I decided on an orb pendant for the first floor in a black.  It went really well with the chandelier we have in the kitchen!  Instead of the Edison bulbs, we used 60 W EcoSmart bulbs.  We went with these bulbs because they are bright and don’t give off the yellow glow that Edison bulbs can give off.  Since our goal was to get a really bright hallway, these were perfect.

Then, for the upstairs hallway, we found these vintage clear glass flush mount lights that were perfect!  They added so much light to the hallway and stairs.  We also used the 60 W EcoSmart bulbs.

I am so happy with the look of the lights!  Now, we have to paint the hallways and add more to my canvas gallery wall… but that’s for another day!

Looking for more inspiration on home decor?  Check out my Pinterest boards for stylish ways to organize and decorate your space!

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