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Hand Print Shamrocks Craft With The Kids

Read and know how to make a hand print shamrocks craft with your kids students!

I love making crafts with the kids.  We typically do crafty projects in the office and mudroom area because the floor is tile and it’s easy to clean up.  I have a small table and chairs that they can sit in and have their own area to create.  While my oldest isn’t always that interested in some of the crafts we do, he will sit for a little before he runs off to find our Play-Doh.  My daughter, on the other hand, has been loving all the projects we have done!  She is really into coloring and painting, so I decided to share with you a painting project to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Hand Print Shamrocks Craft

I use to do all sorts of holiday projects in my classroom, back when I was teaching and I miss it!  So I am recreating some of my classroom day projects with my kiddos.  It has been so fun to recreate some projects and test out new ones with them.

For St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to do some shamrock hand prints, as a quick and easy project.  In my classroom, I would have my students create these hand print shamrocks and write about who they would give their lucky four-leaf clover to and why.  Since my kiddos aren’t about to write about their lucky clovers, I decided we would just decorate them and talk about the colors they were using to decorate.

Hand Print Shamrocks Craft

I started by grabbing a green ink pad, card stock , pipe cleaners, colorful pom poms and glue.

Hand Print Shamrocks Craft

Taking the kids hands, they took the ink pad and stamped their hands on the paper four time.  We counted as we stamped our hands to make sure we had four.  It doesn’t have to be perfect because it is the kiddos’ lucky four-leaf clover!

Hand Print Shamrocks Craft - Taping Pipe Cleaner

I cut out each four-leaf clover and the kiddos added a stem using the pipe cleaner.  I attached the pipe cleaner to the paper with tape.  The kiddos helped tape the pipe cleaners down once I cut the tape.

Hand Print Shamrocks Craft - Glue And Pom Poms

Putting the glue on a paper plate, the kids dipped the pom poms into the glue and attached them to their clovers.

We let them dry and were left with adorable four-leaf clovers for the kiddos to play with around the house.  Since the project was super easy to do, we made many clovers to share with family and friends!

Hand Print Shamrocks Craft - Glue And Pom Poms

Another St. Patrick’s Day creation I created is a burlap and green Deco Mesh wreath that you can read all about here.  You can also check out my Pinterest page dedicated to everything St. Patrick’s Day!

I’d love to see your projects with your kiddos!  Please share with me, as I’d love to see how your kiddos do on this fun and easy craft!  Share to my Instagram by tagging me @organizedmamas or post to my Facebook wall!

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