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Helpful Back To School Organization Ideas

Get yourself ready with these back to school organization ideas from mud room to schedules with suggestions from professional organizer, The Organized Mama!

When it comes to getting ready for back to school organization, there can be a lot to think about!

Collecting all the school supplies, creating space for all the bags/books/shoes, and finding areas of the home where homework can be completed.  It can all seem so overwhelming!

So I suggest to start with creating a space for bags/books/shoes… a dumping ground or mud room!

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Once you have a space to collect backpacks and papers, I suggest getting the kids bedrooms ready by cleaning out the closets and drawers.

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Kids Desk Art Supplies

I would also create a work space for the kids. Whether that be a desk or at the kitchen counter. Create a space that works for your family! You can do that either with a desk caddie, creating desk organizers, and organizing kids art supplies.

Then I would work on create some routines to keep mornings running smooth, such as a morning routine and personalized clipboard to hold it all together!

back to school diy personalized clip boards

And don’t forget to schedule activities that mesh with your child’s interests and work in your schedule!

For us, we are coming off the “high” of swimming all summer, so I wanted to keep that interest going with swim lessons. I was looking for something that would be in close proximity to where we live.  And I wanted a program where the kids had the ability to move up to the next level if they mastered all the skills, rather than waiting until the end of the session.


I found such program at Goldfish Swim School!

The programming allows the swimmers to move up to the next level once they mastered all the skills from the current level, which I love! I don’t feel like I am “throwing money away” if the kids are ready to move onto new skills before the session is over!

And the new location in Northbrook, Illinois (for you locals), is offering some amazing deals to celebrate the opening TOMORROW!! (insert confetti)

So come join us for swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, where the experience is GOLDEN!

This post was created in promotional partnership with Goldfish Swim School. All opinions are my own.


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