hanukkah wreath on mantel with candles as a menorah and flowers
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How To Make A Hanukkah Wreath

This tutorial will show you how you can create a deco mesh Hanukkah wreath for your mantel or door that will add Hanukkah decor to your home.

It is that time of year again… Hanukkah!! And with Hanukkah we totally need to decorate all the things. I have partnered with Joann Fabrics to create the beautiful Hanukkah Wreath tutorial so you can recreate for your front door, mantel, or hang over a mirror to give your home a festive feel.

hanukkah wreath on mantel with candles as a menorah and flowers

How To Make A Hanukkah Wreath

This post is sponsored by Joann Fabrics. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


materials to make hanukkah wreath with deco mesh


Step One

Cut each of the spools of deco mesh into roughly 6-8 inch pieces. You don’t have to be super meticulous on the size. I had some smaller and they worked the same as the pieces that were closer to 10 inches. 

Cut the ribbon roughly the same size. I cut the white and silver ribbon at an angle and the white ribbon into a “v” shape at the ends.

cutting pieces of deco mesh and ribbon for hanukkah decor

Step Two

Take one piece of deco mesh and roll it at a slight angle. I rolled mine a little tighter but you can roll your looser if you like that look!

For this wreath, I did a combination of 2 blue and 1 white or silver bundle and 1 blue, 1 white, and 1 silver bundle. This created more blue on the wreath. 

Step Three

Place the rolled piece of deco mesh under something to hold the roll while you roll 2 more pieces of deco mesh. I did this project while sitting on the ground so I stuck the rolled deco mesh under my foot while I rolled the next 2 pieces of mesh.

roll three pieces of deco mesh together for hanukkah decorations

Step Four

Take your 3 pieces of rolled deco mesh and put them together to create a star shape. Then add one piece of ribbon on top.

Step Five

Fold one pipe cleaner in half. Then slide the star through the folded pipe cleaner. Then tightly wrap the middle around the deco mesh and ribbon star about 3 times. You may have to squeeze the middle of the star to get things tight.

add pipe cleaner around the three pieces of rolled up deco mesh and ribbon to create hanukkah wreath

Step Six

Place the pipe cleaner ends through the middle of the floral wreath frame. Then twist the pipe cleaners about 5 times.

add pipe cleaner to back of wreath frame for hanukkah wreath

Step Seven

Continue this process about one million times. Just kidding, but not really!! You are going to continue to make the deco mesh stars and twist them onto the wreath frame until it is as full as you like. 

back of hanukkah wreath with pipe cleaners

One thing I made sure to do as I will filling the frame was to get about 4 star bundles on, then start to smoosh them together. I fluffed up the deco mesh and adjusted the ribbon using the wire inside the ribbon to give the Hanukkah wreath some dimension.

When everything was completed, I made sure to squish all the pipe cleaners down. You can also cut them if you have a floral scissors. I don’t so I just folded them down behind the deco mesh so you can’t see.

finished deco mesh hanukkah wreath

Hanging Hanukkah Wreath On Mirror

Once the entire Hanukkah wreath was to my liking, I added an additional pipe cleaner to the back and hung it over the back of a mirror on our mantel. I used a 3M command brand hook to hang it on the mirror by hanging the hook upside down to catch the pipe cleaner!

Then add some candles with ribbon to the mantel to create a beautiful menorah and you are set for your Hanukkah decor!

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