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How To Use Silhouette Window Cling To Create Custom Labels

This tutorial will walk you through using Silhouette window cling to create custom labels, perfect for adding to any smooth surface.

You know I am obsessed with labels. Like everything in my house should be labeled. And if it isn’t then it is probably because I am working on creating new labels for it. Now not everything needs a permanent label. So I decided to transform Silhouette window cling into labels and I am going to show you how you can do this to make custom removable labels.

How To Use Silhouette Window Cling To Create Custom Labels

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Step One

Open Silhouette Studio on your computer. Then open a new document. Since we are using Silhouette window cling, make sure you set up your document with the window cling dimensions. AND make sure you turn on the printing edges so you can make sure your labels will print off perfectly!

Step Two

Click the text button to create text. Then add in the words you want on the labels. Easy peasy!

Step Three

Change the font and colors on the words if you want. For this project, I decided to do colorful since the beads are rather colorful.

Step Four

Once you are happy with the words and they are inside the printing boarder, you get to print the labels out onto your printer. Make sure you insert the paper the correct way so it prints on the window cling and not the back. Not saying I did that or anything!!

Step Five

Go back into Silhouette Studio and create a cut line around each of the words in your document. Remove the text so the Silhouette will only cut around your words. Send the window cling through the Silhouette to cut.

Step Six

Then add the window cling to each item to label.

Seriously it is that easy! Now go grab some Silhouette window cling and get labeling!

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