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Keeping Our House Organized In 2014

Keeping Our House Organized In 2014. A look at some of the projects we have done in 2014!

Since we moved into our house, almost 3 years ago, we have done a lot of changes to make it our own.  We changed the paint colors, decorated, changed more paint colors, rearranged things, had a baby, changed more paint colors and had another baby.  We like to keep things exciting!

This past year, our projects have taken a more functional approach in making spaces more multi-purpose.  Here’s a look at some of the projects we have done in 2014!

Adding Cubbies To The Mudroom

Keeping The Play Room Organized

Adleigh’s Nursery

Office And Craft Room

 Eli’s Toddler Room (which now looks totally different…I’ll be sharing pics once everything is actually finished!)

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Our House Organized In 2014”

  1. Hi! I am an old friend of Bens and I always see that he shares your blog on Facebook. I am in some major need of toy storage/organization for my 2 1/2 year old sons toys and books. As I was looking online for options today, I remembered your blog. We need a few pieces for his bedroom and his play room which doubles as our second/informal living room. Do you like the storagepalooza from Land of Nod? Any other favorite pieces that you have that you love?

  2. Hi Mandy,
    I really like the storagepalooza with the exception that the one we purchased in the navy does get scratched up really quickly. A girlfriend of mine has the dark wood one and hasn’t had the same problem with it…Might be the fact that it’s a color and not wood. I also love Land of Nod’s bookcases for holding books! And IKEA has some great storage pieces that would be great for kiddos rooms, if you search their website for storage. I hope that helps! Anything else please let me know!


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