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My Top 12 Favorite Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Professional organizer's top 12 favorite kitchen drawer organizers. The organizers are simply a tool to help you keep your drawers organized.

When keeping your kitchen organized, there are some products I always recommend. I mean, you will always need some way to organize your silverware, right? And you will need something to keep your kitchen utensils tidy. So I have complied a list of my 12 favorite kitchen drawer organizers that will keep any kitchen organized!

kitchen utensils are organized in boxes and bamboo drawer dividers #sustainable #organized

Bamboo Drawer Dividers

I love drawer dividers for so many reasons. But my absolute favorite is to keep the kitchen utensils organized. I shared my tips for how you can use the dividers to organize your utensils here.

These drawer dividers come in a few different heights, making them really useful for any drawer in your kitchen!

Bamboo Drawer Organizers 

We have a lot of smaller gadgets that need to be stored together. So using the bamboo drawer organizers is my favorite way to keep them all together. Things like wine openers and wine aerator, along with our corn holders in separate bamboo drawer organizers.

This drawer organizer is expandable, which I am a huge fan of. It can hold your items and it can fit into most drawers!

Acrylic Kitchen Drawer Organizers

These acrylic drawer organizers are stackable. This means you can create levels in deeper drawers to store items that may go together. We have parts for the food processor that can be stored on the bottom of the stackable organizer. Plus, no one will cut themselves!

This drawer organizer is expandable so you can adjust the size to meet your kitchen drawer space!


Spice Organizer

I love having our spices in a drawer. So this spice organizer is great because it is expandable. You can see more spice organization here.

This spice drawer organizer is acrylic and expandable. So you can adjust it to fit the sizes of your spices.

Knife Drawer Organizer

This knife drawer organizer is something we used when we lived in the city. It was amazing because you just slide the knife into the holder. Plus it held a lot of knives.

One of my clients loves this knife organizer. Because specific knives fit in specific spots, it helps her keep the knives organized because they have to go in a designated spot.

Silverware Kitchen Drawer Organizer

I love bamboo silverware holders, so this one is great! Plus it is expandable. 

This silverware organizer is amazing for small spaces. You slide the spoons, knives, and forks into the spaces. So everything stays organized but doesn’t take up too much space in a drawer. Which is perfect when you have limited drawer space!




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