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Laminated Fabric Snap Pouches Tutorial

An easy tutorial to create laminated fabric pouches. These pouches can hold anything from make-up brushes to baby products to accessories!

Anyone else feeling like you are lugging around a million bags whenever you go out with the kiddos?  I mean, I have a TON of stuff that I bring, but keep them in separate bags so I don’t ruin my purse.

But carrying around a ton of bags is just not working for me anymore.  I was in desperate need of finding a better way to carry things when the kids and I are out and about.  Which is how this idea became the inspiration for my Xyron Design Team project for the month!

I needed to create a pouch that wouldn’t break the bank, but also was super durable to carry things like sunscreen and bug spray.  I love pouches, but some of the larger ones can be rather pricey, so I wanted something that I wouldn’t feel guilty about if it got messy.


Laminated Fabric Snap Pouch Tutorial

These laminated fabric snap pouches are incredibly easy to make and you can make them to fit any size you need!  I made a large one and a small one for my purse, so now I don’t have to carry a bunch of different bags with different things when we are out of the house!




1. For this project you can make your pouch different sizes to fit your storage needs!  I will be giving this tutorial for creating a large pouch, but you can easily adjust the size of the fabric and still follow the steps to completing the project!

2. Start by measuring the fabric so that you have 20 inches long by 8 inches across.

3. Iron the fabric to make sure it is smooth.

Laminating Fabric

4. Run the fabric through the Xyron Creative Station with the double-sided laminate.

5. Smooth your finger around the outside of the fabric to make sure that the laminate is completely secure to itself around the fabric.

6. Leaving a little bit of laminate around the fabric, cut off the access laminate around the entire piece of fabric.

7. Fold the fabric to create a pouch.  I folded this one about 2/3 to act as the bottom and 1/3 to act as the flap.


8. Attach the snap to the flap.  I followed this helpful video for attaching the snaps to fabric!

9. Attach the snap to the bottom.  Make sure you line up the flap with the bottom so the snap lines up!

10. Snap the pouch together to make sure everything lines up!

11. Taking the embroidery floss, cut a piece to roughly the length of your arm.

12. Pull the embroidery floss apart to create two equal pieces of floss.

13. Set one group aside.


14. Thread the floss through the large needle and knot the embroidery floss at the bottom.

15. Whip stitch one side of the pouch, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top.  If you like, whip stitch back down the side of the pouch to create an “X” effect.

16. Tie the floss at the bottom of the pouch.


17. Repeat whip stitch process on the other side of the pouch.

18. Open pouch and fill with all sorts of goodies!


Now it’s your turn to create pouches to store all sorts of things from bug spray and sunscreen to markers and crayons to make-up brushes to coin purses!  Change up the size, fabric, and embroidery floss to create a custom pouch that is perfect for your needs!


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