Courses to get you organized

The Organized Kids Academy

The Organized Kids Academy is a comprehensive program that will guide your kids through 5 organizing projects plus lessons on how to set expectations for each room and how to keep their spaces tidy.

In addition to the pretty printables, guide books, and visual supports, you will get lifetime access to video lessons on:

1. Creating expectations for each room in the house

2. Organizing kids’ bedrooms

3. Decluttering kids’ toys

4. Setting up a mudroom for backpacks, shoes, and jackets

5. Organizing kids’ papers and artwork

6. Folding and organizing clothing

7. How to keep things tidy

Live With Less Framework

The Live With Less Framework is a guide to help you declutter by giving you the tools to make decisions about all the physical items in your home. ⁠

There are videos and worksheets to walk you through the mental clutter that is stopping you from truly decluttering your things.⁠

Yes! Mental clutter is real and it is the reason you are holding onto so many things!!⁠

You can stop the clutter by clearing your mental clutter first, then your physical clutter will slowly disappear because you are ready to let go and live with less.⁠

These videos and worksheets walk you through the process, so what is stopping you from starting now??

The Tidy with Kids Framework

I have taken over 7 years of in-home organizing experience (plus 7 years of education experience) with hundreds of families and broken everything I do with in-home clients down into a comprehensive implementation framework program that not only walks you through the steps I take to effectively organize your home but also teaches you how to execute this with your family on board!

The Tidy Home with Kids Framework is the ONLY program of its kind!

  • This course guides you through the entire organizing process with real people, in real time.
  • Walks you through where all your items should go, room by room.
  • Teach your kids to get involved and help your house remain tidy (featuring real kids organizing!)