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How To Make A Lego Hanukkah Menorah + Hanukkah Decor

This is a tutorial to construct a Lego Hanukkah menorah using Lego bricks and Lego flames, along with inspiration on how to decorate for the holiday.

This year I am so lucky to be joining a bunch of bloggers in their kids’ Christmas tour blog hop!! Obviously, I am the token Jew (insert laughing face emoji), so I got to create a kids’ Hanukkah tour!! And with that tour, I am sharing a really easy tutorial for creating a Lego Hanukkah menorah.

For those of you who don’t know, a menorah is the candle holder that we use for Hanukkah. Each night, we light the tall candle, or Shamash, along with candles that represents each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah. One candle for each of the nights that are lite right to left to commemorate a miracle that happened once a temple was destroyed. The Jews found oil that was only enough to last one night, but ended up lasting eight…hence the eight candles on the menorah. So let’s go take a peek into our Hanukkah tour!

Lego Hanukkah Menorah with book and dreidle

How To Make A Lego Hanukkah Menorah + Hanukkah Decor

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The biggest thing when it comes to decorating for Hanukkah is that there really isn’t anything massive we get to decorate. The focus is on the Hanukkah menorah. So finding decorations can be tricky because almost everything is either a sign or a menorah. I typically just look for sparkly blue and silver things and try to make them work!! I will walk down the aisles at craft stores looking for things that are silver and blue and will figure out a way to incorporate them into our mantel.

happy hanukkah banner on mantel

Since we don’t go super wild with the decorations, I like to keep the family room decorated. The kids always help with adding the blue and silver decor throughout the space. The kids added the blue candles to the menorah and we added that to the mantel. We also have found blue snowflakes from Michael’s craft store to add to some vases. This totally gives the space a glittery vibe.

The banner that says Happy Hanukkah along with the garland and lights were added so that the mantel still looks kid-friendly. The banner we have is no longer available, but this one from Etsy is just as adorable!! We also added a wooden sign we made using Elmer’s glue to the entryway.

Then we made a menorah out of Legos. This is truly the best kid-friendly way to decorate!! Below is the full tutorial to create this adorable Lego Hanukkah menorah.

hanukkah decorations mantel

Base of Lego Menorah

I started with a flat piece as a base. Then I built up the Hanukkah menorah on that base.

I used 2 2×4-brick pieces, along with 2 rounded bricks to create the bottom of the menorah.

Then I placed a 2×4-brick and a 2×2-brick on top.

Finally I placed a 4-brick to create the base.

lego hanukkah menorah with mantel decor

Lego Menorah

To create the menorah, I used all blue bricks, and I tried to get all the same hue of blue. This was surprisingly easy to do since my son loves any Lego set with blue bricks in them!

I added an 2×8-brick on top of the base.

Then I gradually added four extra bricks to each layer of the menorah.

I stopped when I got to 26 studs (the bumps on the Legos. And, yes, I did look up the actual name of them).

I did use the flat blue pieces to add an extra layer to the top of the menorah.

lego menorah with pop up hanukkah book

Flames Of Menorah

To create the candles, I used the flames from the Legos. So I built up white and clear blue using 2×2 bricks. Then I added flames to the cone Lego bricks in a clear orange.

For the middle candle, I used white and clear 2×2-bricks to create a tall candle. Then I added the flame.

lego menorah with happy hanukkah on mantel

My kids are absolutely obsessed with this menorah, as am I!

So go grab that giant bin of Legos and get cracking on this Lego menorah!! And, while you are constructing that menorah, try reading some of my favorite Hanukkah books:

The Latke Who Wouldn’t Stop Screaming by Lemony Snicket

Hershel and The Hanukkah Goblins by Eric Kimmel

Chanukah Lights (Pop Up Book) By Michael Rosen

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  1. Looks very similar to the LEGO menorah jbrick put out last year. They put out two new menorahs this year. Always some cool Jewish-themed LEGO for all year round. Check em out! PS, it’s real Lego brand, not the fake stuff.

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