Today we’re talking about how you can easily declutter too many toys. When you have too many toys, it’s difficult to keep your house tidy, and if you’re anything like me, that causes anxiety. So, I want to give you some actionable steps to declutter and organize your kids toys!


1. Minimize & Categorize Toys


There is so much research out there regarding kids and the amount of toys they have. Everything is saying that less is best when it comes to toys! The reason being is that when kids have too much stuff, they get overwhelmed and can’t plan what to do or how to do it. But how do you minimize kids’ toys so they can play with them and you have less stuff in your home? Below are some of my favorite ways to minimize the amount of toys in your home. 

2. Store toys appropriately in each space.


So getting everything sorted and categorized is easy for most of my clients…but the tricky part is where to actually store them. I like to start by creating zones for kids toy storage ideas. I ask my clients where do the kids play at different times during the day. This greatly impacts where I store toys. When I hear clients say the kids play all over the home, I try to get them to narrow down specifically where and when.


3. Get your kids to help!


Teaching kids how to declutter their items is an important task to instill in them, especially when they are young. Toys are amazing for creative play, but when you have outgrown them, it is important to learn how to part with toys and it keeps your home filled with only what is most loved and important!


Once you declutter kids’ toys, your hard work will pay off only if you work to maintain the system!

Clean the toys up every night. Make it part of your nighttime routine. Put on some calming music and give each kiddo one category to clean up. The longer you leave the toys out of their designated places, the more your new systems will fall apart.