Are your kids’ toys the bane of your existence? There are piles of toys that can easily consume your home. They seem to bounce out of their toy boxes every time you put them away. And it’s never ending!

I have seen it so many times…You’re exhausted from cleaning up after your kids all day. You have just given up living in a tidy home. You have to constantly nag your kiddos to get any help cleaning up. And if you do actually get your kiddo to clean up, they only do the bare minimum, leaving you with way more work than when you started.

Moms: It’s time to stop settling for feeling like you are the only person in the house that can clean up. It’s time to  and start having your kids take ownership of their stuff! Learning to teach your kids how to organize their things is the KEY to having them not only help out, but to doing things independently. Imagine — no more toys scattered around the house at all times! Want to know how you can achieve it?? Let me share!

What Is The Organized Kids Academy?

Getting The Kids To Help 

The first thing you have to do to stop settling for the feeling that only you can clean up is to have the kids help. Seriously!! Kids as young as 2 can help clean, tidy, and organize. Yes, I am serious about that. When my kids were 2, they helped me clean up every night. They also helped organize their clothes in the dresser drawers. This helped them find what they were looking for when they would pick out their clothes to wear. 

As kids get older, they are able to help with more tasks. And with more tasks they complete, there is less for you to do! So it is a total win-win!

Teaching Kids Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills are skills that kids need in order to be successful humans. There are 7 main executive functioning skills kids should develop.

  • Self-awareness: This executive functioning skill is all about being aware of your body, your place in space, and what you’re doing. Hygiene is a big part of self-awareness. When kids are young, you start by taking them to the dentist and the doctor so they learn to take care of their health. They learn to take regular showers and baths, change the sheets, and not wear clothes that smell dirty. 
  • Inhibition: This has to do with social skills. You need to know what is socially acceptable, how to communicate, and when to stop talking. Turn-taking is a big one for younger kids. 
  • Nonverbal working memory: This is your kids’ ability to remember information that isn’t communicated verbally. For example, pictures, faces, songs, and body language. 
  • Verbal working memory: This is your kids’ ability to remember information that is communicated verbally. 
  • Self-regulation: This is all about emotion. There’s a theory about teaching kids how to identify how they feel–besides happy and sad. There’s a picture book called The Way I Feel, and it gives kids the language to identify their emotions. This helps them with tantrums and backtalk. If you give the kids the words they need, a lot of the emotional regulation will smooth out. It’s identifying the emotion, how to move through the emotion, and then how to come back to the family or the group of friends.
  • Planning: I saved my two favorites for last! These two are what organizing is all about. This is why I talk about executive functioning skills–because they all go hand-in-hand. 
  • Problem-solving: This piece is so important for organizing! Figuring out where things go, what should go with what, and thinking spatially. 

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Learning How To Organize Through Video

Finally, you can teach your kids how to organize by watching other kids show them! Ever notice how your kiddos enjoy watching other kids play with toys? This is the same idea! 

And that is where The Organized Kids Academy came from. The Organized Kids Academy is a video-based online course where your kids will learn how to organize by watching other kids organize their spaces.

Now I know what you are thinking. How can my kids watching videos actually teach them anything. Well, research shows that kids pick up more skills from their peers than from adults, so by watching other kids do things like organizing and cleaning, your kids are more likely to emulate what they are seeing. Don’t believe me?? Then check out what other parents are saying…

“I am struggling with how to maintain order in my house with two young kids and another on the way” -Dorothy, Kansas

“I am a rather OCD person but my kids make it really hard to keep my house how I like it.” Sharon, Canada

“My children never seem to put their toys back where they belong. I am just out of ideas for making them put all their toys away.” -Michelle, Minnesota

I told you! Kids watching videos of kids organizing is exactly what your kids need to get organized once and for all!

So enroll now in The Organized Kids Academy.

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