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Loads Of Laundry In The Laundry Room

Ways to spruce up your space when you have loads of laundry in the laundry room and need some decorating ideas, because who doesn't want to do laundry in a pretty space

I shared a while ago about how I spruced up our small laundry room.  Well, with this challenge in full swing, instead of organizing the laundry room, I redecorated it.  I know, I know, you are sooo surprised.  I couldn’t help it, because things just weren’t as functional as they were back in February.  This summer I ended up doing a lot of laundry because we were outside playing in the water table, in the pool, or just getting dirty from painting.  I noticed a few things about our space that I needed to change.

I started by removing the hanging pictures and putting up some other artwork.  I decided that I wanted a space that was more cozy.  For Mother’s Day, my kiddos gave me a sign that I just love.  I thought this would be a great place for this for the time being (because we all know I will change-up this space within the next few months).  I also added a picture my sister-in-law made.  Then I finished off the wall with some paper crafts I was playing around with.  I just love the gold accent on the paper flower!

Loads Of Laundry In The Laundry Room

Next up, was to clean out all the supplies.  I have so many bottles of half-used supplies, so I combined the cleaning supplies that go together into one bottle.  That significantly reduced some clutter that was driving me nuts.  Then I sorted all the cleaning supplies into my cleaning caddy.  I also have some extra supplies, since we buy some in bulk.  I created space behind the caddy to store some of the extra supplies.  This makes it easy to grab when we run out of something from the caddy.

I have a large bin for rags.  We use these rags for dusting, cleaning, washing things, really anything.  Some of the rags are still in great condition, while others have seen better days.  I took some time to sort through all the rags, and kept the ones in good condition.  The rags that were in decent condition went into the garage for cleaning in there.

Loads Of Laundry In The Laundry Room - 3M Hook Hanger Laundry

I also changed up some of my hangers that I use to dry clothes.  I use Command™ Brand 3M hooks to hold up the hangers, and use those as a drying rack, since my laundry room is so small.  I tried to do a pull cord, but I kept running into it since it needed to be so low.  I felt that using hangers on Command™ Brand 3M hooks was a better solution for our space.  I have some hangers that are pant hangers, and some are shirt hangers.  When I pull out clothes from the wash, I might have to hang some of my husband’s shirts.  By using hangers, I can let the shirts dry and take that hanger and hang his shirts in our closet.  I use the pants hanger to drape wet clothes over that need to dry.

To finish off the space, I created some labels using my Silhouette Cameo.  I used purple vinyl to create labels for the galvanized bins and the glass jar.  All are stored on a baker’s rack I got from one of my dear friend’s parents when I moved to Chicago.

Loads Of Laundry In The Laundry Room

Now that the space is organized and decorated, I will have to start doing some laundry.  For the Organize Back To School Challenge, your challenge today is to get all of your laundry washed and dried.  Tomorrow, we will be taking time to fold all the laundry, and then we will take some time to put everything away.  We are so close to the end of the challenge, and you all are doing such great work!  Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ for more tips and tricks!

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