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I Love You To The Moon And Back Paper Mobile Tutorial

Using Xyron and Brutus Monroe products, you can create this adorable paper mobile that would make the perfect addition to a nursery or toddler room!

One of my new favorite things to play around with is paper crafts!  I am loving how much fun it is to turn regular paper into something totally different.  As part of the Xyron Design Team, we have partnered with Brutus Monroe to create some paper craft tutorials.  Check out the Xyron Facebook page for all the other Design Teamers projects because they are amazing!

Today, I am sharing a tutorial to create an adorable “I Love You To The Moon And Back” Paper Mobile.  This mobile would make the perfect addition to a nursery or toddler room!


Materials for Paper Mobile

  • Mixed Elements Midway Paper Pad
  • Brutus Monroe Embossing Ink
  • Metallic Embossing Powder in Sterling
  • Love You Moon Stamp
  • Stamp Block
  • Embossing Gun
  • Xyron Creative Station with Permanent Adhesive Refill
  • Teresa Collins Mega Runner
  • Scissors
  • Clear Bead Cord
  • Thick Silver Floral Wire
  • Pliers
  • Ribbon

I Love You Paper Mobile

Tutorial For “I Love You To The Moon And Back” Paper Mobile:

Creating The Mobile Frame

Circling Wire

1. Take one piece of the floral wire and roll both ends to create a circle using your pliers.  Keep the circles small!  This will be the main piece of your mobile frame which all the other pieces will hang from.

2. In the middle of the floral wire, loop the wire around itself.  Keep this loop small!

3. Taking another piece of floral wire, stick it through one of the small holes on the end of the original floral wire.

4. Roll the ends of this floral wire into small circles.

5. Make a small loop in the middle of the floral wire.

Mobile Frame

6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 for the other side of the original floral wire to create the mobile frame.

7. Taking a ribbon, attach to the middle loop of the original floral wire.  Now you can hang your mobile frame!

Paper Airplane

Creating The 3-D Paper Airplanes

1. Start by taking some paper from the Mixed Elements Midway Paper Pad.  I decided to use the polka-dots to create my airplanes.

2. I drew an outline of an airplane to make it 3-D.  (You can download my free pattern!)

3. Trace the pattern onto the back of the polka-dot paper.

4. Using scissors, cut out the airplane pattern.

5. Cut slits into both pieces of the airplane.  Make sure you have the slits going on opposite parts of the airplane.

6. Using the Teresa Collins Mega Runner, run the mega runner over the slits on each airplane part.  This will help your airplane stick together and stand up so it stays in 3-D.

7. Taking both parts of your airplane, slide the slits together to form your 3-D airplane.

8. Repeat this process to create another 3-D airplane.

Cutting Hot Air Balloon

Creating The Hot Air Balloons

1. Start by taking the two pieces of hot air balloon paper from the Mixed Elements Midway Paper Pad.

2. Cut out the hot air balloons from each piece of paper.

3. Using the Love You Moon Stamp and Embossing Ink, stamp the “I Love You To The Moon And Back” stamp on the embossing ink pad.  Then, put the stamp on the top portion of the hot air balloon cut out.

4. As soon as you stamp the embossing ink stamp on the hot air balloon, grab your Metallic Embossing Powder and sprinkle the powder all over where you stamped.

5. Shake off the powder.  There should be powder stuck to where you put the stamp.

Embossing Supplies

6. Using your embossing gun, slowly go over where you put the powder.  As the powder starts to heat up, it will start to get darker and start to emboss the outline of the stamp!  You will know that it is done when the entire area is the darker color.

7. Repeat this process for the other hot air balloon cut out.

8. Once both hot air balloons are embossed, grab your Xyron Creative Station and run one of the hot air balloons through the machine.

9. Taking your sticker hot air balloon, attach it to the non-sticker hot air balloon cut-out.

10. Trim off any access on either side of the cut-out!

Xyron Creative Station

Creating The Clouds

1. The Mixed Elements Midway Paper Pad has some amazing textured paper!  Take the blue burlap paper and cut it out of the paper pad.

2. Using your scissors, cut out four cloud shapes.  I made mine different shapes and sizes.

Paper Mobile

Putting Mobile Together

1. Now that you have created your airplanes, hot air balloons, and clouds, we are going to attach them to your mobile frame you made.

2. Taking your clear bead cord and a thick needle, thread the bead cord onto your hot air balloon.

3. Tie the bead cord onto the hot air balloon.  Then tie onto the middle of the mobile frame.  This is the focal point of the mobile.

4. Taking one air plane, thread the bead cord through the top of the paper and tie the bead cord to the plane.  Then tie the airplane to the middle of one side of the mobile frame by attaching it to the small loop you created.

5. Repeat step 4 with the second air plane.  Attach the second air plane to the opposite middle loop as the first airplane to create balance.

6. Taking the clouds you created using the blue burlap, attach the bead cord using a needle.  Tie the bead cord to the cloud.  Then, attach that cloud to the mobile frame on the remaining open circles.

7. Hang and enjoy your beautiful “I Love You To The Moon And Back” Paper Mobile!

I Love You Paper Mobile Tutorial

By using Brutus Monroe and Xyron products, you can create paper airplanes, hot air balloons with embossed stamps, and burlap clouds which will turn into an adorable mobile to decorate any nursery or toddler room!  Happy (paper) crafting, friends!

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