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The Organized Mama Team

Jessica Litman

Founder & Creative Director

Jessica Litman is the founder and creative director of the professional organizing firm and blog, The Organized Mama. Over the past 5 years The Organized mama has been teaching families how to lead neater and calmer lives, one drawer at a time. With a background in teaching, she loves showing families how to live an organized life. And with two little kids at home, she understands how to create functional and aesthetically pleasing organization systems for families. The Organized Mama has worked with brands including Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams, The Container Store, and Wayfair.

Stephanie Marks

Lead Organizer

Stephanie has been organizing for the past four years. She is a mom to 3 kids so she knows how to organize families efficiently. With a background in finance, Stephanie is a pro when it comes to organizing office spaces and creating filing systems too!

Rebecca Bral

Organizing Assistant

Rebecca has had a love for organizing since she can remember. She loves creating organizing systems for her family and friends using items they have around their homes.

Heather Farris

Social Media Manager

Heather is a military spouse and mom to 2 kids. She is a social media ninja, supporting The Organized Mama on social media outlets.

Ben Litman

Chief Technology Officer & All-Around Awesome Husband

Ben has a degree from University of Illinois in Management Information Systems, making him the perfect guy to handle all of The Organized Mama’s technical needs. He is responsible for creating the website and dealing with any technical issues!  Check out his business at Litman Web Design!

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