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If you have been a reader of this blog for long, you know how much I encourage you to label as many things in your home as possible!  I stress this because it makes cleaning up SOOOOOOO much easier.  Not only for you, but for your family as well! But I have noticed that a…

If you have been a reader of this blog for long, you know how much I encourage you to label as many things in your home as possible!  I stress this because it makes cleaning up SOOOOOOO much easier.  Not only for you, but for your family as well!

But I have noticed that a lot of my clients either skip this step, or just don’t know how to label their things.  This leads to things getting misplaced or forgotten about.

So I always say you should label your bins, containers, even your fridge!  It will help keep your home organized, so you can focus on more important things than searching for a pair of scissors!!

snack containers

I always get asked what my favorite types of labels are, and I have a ton.  Mostly because it depends on how you use your space and what types of systems you have in place.  Sometimes bins or containers hold things that get swapped out frequently.  If that’s the case, I use labels that I can erase quickly.  Other bins never change, so I keep those labels more permanent.

While this list may be long, I encourage you to evaluate your space first before you select labels.  Then, find labels that work for your space.  Do you swap out toys frequently?  Do you want your linen closet to look “Pinterest-worthy” when you open it?  Do you want something that is cheap to label everything?  Then you can select labels that work for you!  Because labeling isn’t a one-size-fits-all process!


Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers

If you like your penmanship, these oil-based paint markers can be the perfect way to add a personal touch to your labeling.  Using them on bins or containers is an easy way to label things that you might swap out, like items in the pantry or kitchen.

The markers come in a variety of colors, so you can add a touch of color to darker containers.  To remove, I have found that using water and some elbow-grease gets it off cleanly.  Lemon essential oils can get it off as well.

Name Bubbles

I have always been a huge fan of Name Bubbles.  They have many different types of labels, which is why I love their products.  I typically use the write-on labels for labeling things such that go in the fridge or freezer. I will write down what date that I made the leftovers.  I will also use the write-on labels for labeling things in the freezer.  This helps keep my food organized since I am not holding onto things that have long expired.

I also use their labels for things like clothing and cups for the kids.  With both kids at school, the iron-on labels and personalized labels make for easy use.  I can just stick them on to bowls, Tupperware, etc. for when they eat lunch at school.

Chalkboard Label On Bin

Chalkboard Labels

I use chalkboard labels for lots of things that I like to switch out.  I have used them in our pantry and pantries of my clients.  They are very useful when you have containers that you swap out semi-frequently.  I usually use chalk pens to write on my chalkboard labels.  The pens stay without wiping off after you grab a container or bin.  Plus, the pens can easily be removed with water and a paper towel!

Whiteboard Labels

I have used whiteboard labels in clients’ homes when they are going for a more modern look.  I use them similarly to how I use chalkboard labels, in that I use them in the pantry or kitchen.  I have used them in play rooms, but the kids can easily wipe off the writing.  For older kids, that might be helpful, so they can swap bins out for items they would like to play and use.

Kids Bathroom Organization


I use vinyl labels to label everything from our pantry to our bathrooms to our linen closet.  I have found that by making vinyl labels using my Silhouette Cameo, I have been able to keep our family organized because all my items are labeled on both sides to ensure that no matter who puts the bins back, we will always know what is in them!

There are some shops on Etsy that sell vinyl labels that you can customize to however you want if you aren’t able to make the investment in a Silhouette!

Pantry Shelves

Foil Labels

I use foil labels when I create pantry and play room systems for my clients.  I like these labels because they can be customized to however you want, while still giving glass jars or clean bins some personality!  The foil adds a touch of class to any area of the home.

Gift Wrap Station


I have used stickers to label bins, such as our giant family bins and gift wrapping station.  I have bought packets of stickers to add to any bin.  I typically use stickers for bins or containers that don’t change what it is holding.  Because stickers can be so hard to get off, make sure that you are good with what you decide to store in the container that you are labeling with sticker!

An easy way to get stickers off is to use lemon essential oils and a lot of pressure to remove the excess off of you containers!

Bench and Storage Play Room

Picture Labels

I love using picture labels for toys and things in the kids’ rooms.  I take pictures of what is in the bin.  Then I print off the pictures and run them through my laminator.  I use my Xyron Creative Station with laminate refill for any laminating project I do at clients’ homes.  This is a no-heat laminate that is easy to use and holds together really well!  No need to worry about kids pulling the laminate apart because this stuff really sticks together.

Then, I cut out the picture, leaving a little bit of laminate around the picture.  Taking a single hole-punch, I will punch a hole in the picture and attach the laminated picture to the bin using a circle clip.

Label Maker

I have never owned a label-maker.  I know it’s kind of crazy, but I have never owned on for myself.  When I was teaching, our school had a label maker so I used that to label my entire classroom.  So if a client has a label maker, I will use it to label their home.

I included this in my list because there are people who like using label makers and like how the label maker looks in their home.

Glittery Label Vinyl

Tag Labels

Using tag labels can be a nice touch to add to any space in your home.  I use tag labels for my craft room and linen closet.

The reasoning behind using tag labels is that you have the same things, but you frequently change where they are located.  For example, in our linen closet, I have many bins that hold our sheets.  Sometimes I will switch out which sheets go in which bin based on the space we have in the closet and how the bins fit.  When I switch out where the sheets are in the bins, I just move the tags from one bin to another.

Another example is the craft room.  I swap out what goes in bins based on what materials I have rather frequently.  I always have the same items, just they get sorted into different bins based on how much of something I actually have!

Label Binder Clips

When it comes to paper clutter, I either try to get it electronically, or store it in a binder or magazine holder.  If I do store something in a binder, it is meant to be used as a storage system, not a filing system.  For example, I keep all of our holiday cards in a binder.  This is a way to store and organize what I give as gifts, people’s addresses, and other items that go along with the holidays.

These binder clips from The Organizing Store are the best way to label binders because they look sleek and can easily be swapped out if you decide to change up what you put in the binder!

Ribbon Label

Well, that is my list for some of my favorite labels.  I could go on and on about more types of labels I use, so if you want to hear more, just leave a comment below!

And if you are looking for some fun labels, head over to my shop to see some silver foil labels that would make any pantry sparkle!

Full disclosure, below are affiliate links, which means I do get compensated if you purchase through me, but all the proceeds go directly back to this blog!  So grab you stuff and get labeling!!



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