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No-Sew Fabric Bunting Tutorial

Tutorial for creating fabric bunting using scraps of old fabric to create a no-sew wall hanging bunting, perfect for a nursery or bedroom.

I have seen tutorials that use fabric to create these adorable bunting wall hangings for a while.  I thought that this fabric bunting wall hanging would be the perfect addition to my daughter’s bedroom, so I figured I would give it a try…in October.  I went to my local fabric store to find some fabric that would match her bedroom colors- purple, teal, white, silver, and pops of pink.   The steps are incredibly easy and there are even some no-sew options, which makes for creating this project super quick.   Now, while I love to test out some of these tutorials, time just got away from me and now it’s January!  What?!?!

Well, since the fabric has been sitting here since October, I knew I needed to make this or I never would.  So, this past weekend, I gathered up all the supplies and started creating this no-sew fabric bunting wall hanging.  Since there were a ton of tutorials, some more complex than others, I decided to wing it and create my own way of making this bunting.  Some tutorials said to tie the fabric, while others said to sew them to string.  Some recommended sewing the ends, while others said to leave them.  With all these tutorials out there, but none seemingly easy to follow, I decided to share my own.

No Sew Fabric Bunting

No-Sew Fabric Bunting Tutorial

Start by grabbing fabric that you want to use to create this bunting.  I used some quilting fabric bundles that I found at our local fabric store.  This was super easy to get a bundle that was the exact color palette that I wanted for this project.  But if you have random fabric lying around, this could be the perfect project to use those scraps!  I also grabbed some twine and my quilting scissors for this project.

Cutting Fabric

After opening up the bundle, I grabbed one piece of fabric.  I cut that piece of fabric in half the long way.  Then, I made slits with my quilting scissors along the bottom of the fabric.  I didn’t measure, just eyeballed it.  Each piece was roughly 1-2 finger spaces apart from each other.  I made my strips going the short way, but if you wanted to add variety in length, you could cut the fabric the long way.

Tearing Fabric

Then I tore the fabric to create strips.  I created a pile next to me with all the fabric strips.  Then, I repeated this process for all the fabric I was using.  I ended up using all six colors that came in the quilting fabric bundle, but I only used half of each piece of fabric.

Fabric Strips

Once all the fabric was torn, I cut my twine to the length I wanted once it would be hung in my daughter’s room.  Make sure to leave extra space if you are planning on tying the twine to something!

I took one strip of fabric and made it into a loop, kind of like a ribbon you might wear.  Then, starting in the middle of the twine, I looped the fabric around the twine and pulled rather tight.  I repeated this process randomly selecting colors to put on the twine.  I have seen some bunting that was done in color order, which looked cute, but for this project, I decided to just do random.

Making Bunting

I laid the twine on the floor and made a loop with the fabric.  Then I put the fabric on the floor and put the twine over the fabric.  I pulled the fabric through the loop and pushed the fabric towards the middle.  By doing this, I was able to keep all my loops going the same direction.

Looping Fabric Strips

I also pulled off some the string pieces that might have been created when I was pulling the fabric apart.  I like the look of the unfinished fabric, so leaving some string made it look more authentic.  But there were some pieces that had a lot of string, so I cut that off.

Once I reached the ends of the bunting, I knew the project was complete.  I tied the ends of the twine and hung it up!  The whole project took a little over an hour from start to finish.  Once you get on a roll with tearing the fabric and stringing them up on twine, things go quickly.

Close Up Fabric Bunting

I am loving how it looks and how easy the fabric bunting was to make.  And the colors work perfectly in my daughter’s room.  I can think of so many different ways to use a fabric bunting, like using all pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day decor, or greens for St. Patrick’s Day, or red, white and blue for Fourth of July.  There are so many ways to make the no-sew fabric bunting to decorate your home.

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