No-Sew "Hello Spring" Burlap Wall Hanging hanging on coat rack. #nosewwallhanging
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No-Sew “Hello Spring” Burlap Wall Hanging

Craft tutorial for creating a No-Sew “Hello Spring” Burlap Wall Hanging using Xryon products, DCWV paper products, and a Silhouette Cameo.

This weekend showed tons of signs that spring is coming.  The weather was (semi) lovely, and we were able to be outside for some of the day, which is almost unheard of in Chicago in February!  So all this spring-like weather got me in a spring-y mood.  And I felt the need to start decorating the house for spring.  I just love decorating the house with touches of the different seasons!  Last year I made a deco-mesh wreath for St. Patrick’s Day, I made tons of Valentine’s Day crafts including these crepe paper roses, and I got in the spirit for Halloween.

So, I started by grabbing my bin that holds my spring home decor.  I store all of my home decor in different bins based on the season/holiday.  I wasn’t really loving any of my old stuff, so I decided to create some new spring items to spruce up the house.  I am using my no-sew paper garland as some table decorations to spruce up the dining room table.  And I have a few other decorations, but I still like to keep things fresh and new, so I decided to change up my entry way by adding a spring wall hanging.

Hello Spring Wall Hanging

Today, I am sharing how to create a no-sew “Hello Spring” burlap wall hanging that can add some spring into your home using some of my favorite products from Xyron and DCWV!

Materials For Wall Hanging


Hello Spring


  • To start, pull out five to six sheets of paper.  I used pastels, because, spring!  I used pink, teal, green, dark purple, and light purple.
  • Next, I created my saying, “Hello Spring” on my Silhouette, but you can use any paper cutting machine to create letters of your liking.
  • I made sure to measure the burlap to ensure all my letters would fit.
  • I had my Silhouette cut out the letters in pink, using the dimensions of the burlap.
  • I decided to make the letters have a shadow, so I printed off the same saying using the teal paper.
  • I also wanted to create some flowers to the wall hanging, so I took my dark purple, light purple, and green paper to cut out some 3-D flowers.
  • Once all the letters and flowers were cut out, I peeled them off the cutting mat and laid them out on my table.

Making Letter Stickers

  • Then, I grabbed my Xyron Creative Station to create stickers of my letters.
  • I rolled each letter through using the 9 inch permanent adhesive refill.  I really want these letters to stick!
  • I peeled off the top sheet of the sticker maker.

Shadow Letters Using Xyron Stickers

  • Taking the pink letters, I placed them over the teal letters to give a shadow effect.  I made sure that you could see the teal behind the pink before I laid them down.
  • Once all the letters were made into a shadow, I took out my burlap.

Adding Letters To Burlap

  • Using a ruler to make sure all my letters were straight, I started putting my saying onto the burlap.  I started in the middle of the word “spring” and worked my way out to ensure that the saying was even on both sides.
  • I repeated this process with “hello”.

Close Up 3D Flower

  • Next, I put together the 3-D flowers by adhering them to using the Teresa Collins Mega Runner.

Attaching Brads

  • Grabbing my decorative brad fasteners, I attached two of the flowers to the burlap.
  • I added a third flower to the top of the wall hanging, but before I opened the brad fastener, I attached ribbon.
  • I cut the ribbon to the size of where I wanted the wall hanging to hang.
  • Using my scissors, I cut a small slit into the ribbon.

Attaching Ribbon

  • Pushing the slit through the brad fastener, I attached the ribbon to the burlap.
  • I tied a knot to keep the ribbon from fraying once it was attached to the brad.
  • Repeat this process for the other side.

Wall Hanging

  • Hang up and decorate!

Hello Spring Banner

These wall hangings are incredibly easy to make, and can add some fun color to any space.  The entire project took about twenty minutes to complete, which makes it a rather quick and easy way to add some decor to your home.  Try turning the burlap into bunting and creating a banner using the same tutorial.  I am just loving how this wall hanging has brightened up our entry way.  Now onto creating more spring decorations for our home!

Close Up Wall Hanging

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