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No-Sew Paper Garland Tutorial

A simple no-sew paper garland tutorial using Xyron 2.5 sticker maker, craft paper, and string! There are many ways to create fun paper garland!

I am so excited to announce that I am a new member of the Xyron® Design Team!  Xyron creates innovative products for the craft, education, and creative worlds.  I have been using their products since 2003, when I first started scrapbooking my college years.  I actually won the 1.5″ Sticker Maker at a scrapbooking night party.  I have been addicted to their products ever since.  So when I got the opportunity to apply to be a part of their design team, how could I turn that down?  (You can follow all the fun and crafty projects we create over on our Pinterest board!!)

For those who are new to The Organized Mama, I want to welcome you.  And for those who have been with me for a while, you are incredible and I so appreciate all of our support and encouragement!!  (Virtual hug, friends!)  My name is Jessica, and I am an insanely organized person who loves to help other organize, create fun projects, decorate/ redecorate our home, and watch as much television as I possibly can before the kids wake up from their nap.  But, enough about me.  Let’s get to crafting up some no-sew paper garland.

Paper Garland Tutorial

Creating Stickers

So I have been using the Xyron® 1.5″ Sticker Maker since 2003, so making stickers is my jam!  My kids love to turn any of their old artwork into stickers so they can create a new piece of artwork.  We will either use different hole-punchers, or my Silhouette Cameo to cut out shapes that we want to turn into stickers.  Then, I either fold the paper to fit into the 1.5″ sticker maker, or cut the paper to the size of the sticker maker to create stickers before I pull it through the machine.  Once it is pulled through the machine, the kids or myself will remove the top layer to create a sticker.  Then, the kids can decorate (almost) anything with the stickers they have made!

Using Sticker Maker

Materials For All Projects Listed:

Cutting Machine or Large Hole-Puncher

Decorative Paper

Xyron® 1.5″ Sticker Maker and Permanent Refills

Festive Twine or Clear Bead Wire


Single Paper Garland Tutorial

To spruce up your sticker-making skills, I thought it would be fun to create some paper garland, because I am obsessed with paper garland.  I typically sew the paper garland together.  But, I got a request for a pink, black, and gold paper garland, and my gold paper was white on the backside.  I decided to use my Xyron® 1.5″ Sticker Maker to create a gold backing for the garland.  Once I saw how easy it was to create a backing for my gold paper, I decided to test out this “no-sew” method for an entire five-feet paper garland using circles.

Twine and Circle

To start, I cut out all the circles using my Silhouette Cameo.  But you can use a large circle hole-puncher, as it does the same thing.  Once all my circles were cut, I ran about half of them through the Xyron® 1.5″ Sticker Maker.  I would do about six to eight circles at a time through the sticker maker.

Sticker Onto Twine

Taking one circle off the sticker paper, I set that circle down, with the sticker side facing up.  I took some twine and laid it in the middle of the sticker circle.  Then, I took another circle was I did not run through the sticker maker, and laid it on top of the other circle.  I repeated this process until it was about five-feet in length.

Paper Garland

I am really loving how easy this project was to complete, especially since there was no sewing involved!

Paper Garland Centerpiece

3-D Paper Garland Tutorial

Once I realized how easy it was to create a no-sew single paper garland, I decided to kick it up a notch and see what would happen if I layered three or four circles on top of each other to create some 3-D garland or table decorations.

Folding Paper Circles

I started by grabbing some decorative paper and cutting out circles using my Silhouette Cameo.  I tried to use a variety of colors so that the garland would look interesting.  Once all my circles were cut out, I folded each circle in half.  Then, I ran each folded circle through the Xyron® 1.5″ Sticker Maker.

Making Stickers

I decided to run four folded circles through at a time.  Once all four circles were folded, I took off the top layer.

Removing Sticker Paper

Then, taking one folded circle, I would lay it on top of another folded circle while it was still on the sticker sheet.  I repeated this for the remaining two circles.  Then, I peeled the folded circles off the sticker sheet and attached the remaining two sides together.

Stacking Folded Circle Sticker

Carefully, I opened up all the folds to get a fun 3-D effect.

3D Paper Garland

I repeated this process until I got enough garland as I wanted, which was about twenty-five 3-D circles.  There are two different ways you can string these garland.  The first way is similar to how you created the flat paper garland.  Once all four of the folded circles are on the sticker sheet, and before you fold them all together, grab your twine and lay it in between the folded circles.  Then, close the remaining circles so that the twine is included in the sticker portion of the garland.  Repeat for all your 3-D circles

Stringing 3D Garland

The second way uses clear beading wire.  Once all the 3-D circles are created, use a needle and the beading wire to string through each circle.  Once the circle is where you want it on the wire, knot the wire to keep the circle in place.  Repeat until all the circles are on the wire.

Floating Garland

Then, hang and decorate your home!

No Sew Paper Garland Tutorial

Get Creative

Now that you know how to make these no-sew paper garlands, you can get super creative!  Make 3-D hearts, squares, shamrocks, pinwheels…the list could go on and on!  I even got my kids on the creative side as well, by encouraging them to add some flare to their sticker-making skills.  We made some 3-D circles to use as decoration for our dining room table.  I always love to change out the bowl for the season/holiday, so I thought this would be a fun addition to create a spring-time vibe on the table!


Grab some of your favorite crafting paper, your Xyron ® sticker makers, and get creative with paper garland!  You can decorate your home for any holiday, or just to simply add some color to a party!  So what are you thinking you are going to decorate with this paper garland?


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